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Triathlon Bicycle
Triathlon Bicycle

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Cycling is not just a way of exercising or leisurely experiencing the outdoors. It is important to also note that cycling can be used to test your physical limits as well. Endurance competitions such as triathlons are a great example. Most cycling enthusiasts will have thought about the challenge that participating in a triathlon presents. In this case it is important to have the right bike for the competition.

Since triathlons normally require the participants to take part in numerous athletic activities, keeping your energy reserves intact is essential. Triathlon bicycles are designed to preserve the rider’s energy all through as compared to the road racing bicycle, mountain bike and cruisers bicycles.

Road Bike Vs Triathlon Bicycle

The main difference when it comes to a triathlon bike and the traditional road racing bike is the positioning of the cyclist. The seat tube angle on a triathlon bike tends to be steeper as compared to other bikes. This means that the cyclist is pushed further forward than on road racing bikes. In this case the cyclist will be able to take up a more aerodynamic riding position.

Note that road racing bikes are designed to exercise the muscles in the legs, i.e. the quadriceps and hamstrings for maximum speed and power. This is however not the case when it comes to triathlon bikes.

After the tri-athlete is done with the cycling, he is meant to quickly proceed on to the running part of the race. As such the cyclist will need their quadriceps rested and ready to go. Riding in a more advanced position makes this possible as the quads are not used during cycling. Watch this YouTube clip on the differences between Triathlon bicycle and road racing bicycle:

Going for the win

If you are serious about taking part in a triathlon then it is important consider buying the right bike for the best chances of winning. Although you may not win the first time you try, you will have acquired some valuable experience. Build on this by initiating a triathlon bicycle training regimen as well as getting a collection of the necessary bicycle equipment.

Tip: Get the right bike for the right terrain.

If the triathlon competition is in hilly terrain then the advance seating position on triathlon bikes may give you problems when cycling uphill.

However the smaller 26er wheels and frame make the bike lighter than road racing bikes and make up for the seating position.

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Triathlon Bicycle
Triathlon Bicycle
Triathlon Bicycle

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