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Womens Bicycle
Womens Bicycle
Womens Bicycle

Find a women’s bicycle Online

A typical womens bicycle is different than man’s. In most cases women bicycles are usually smaller as compared to regular men’s bikes. Riding a bigger or smaller bicycle is both dangerous and uncomfortable. It is therefore advisable to buy a perfect fit for the best experience with women bicycles.

Different Anatomy

Women normally have smaller hands, shorter arms and wider hips/pelvis. It is also common to find women with longer legs as well. It is important to note that even though most bicycles come with adjustable seats, and steering columns it might not be enough to create a perfect fit.

Tip: Women’s bicycles should have shorter cranks

Womens Bicycle

Even though women tend to have longer legs as compared to their shorter torso, it is important to note that they still have shorter legs than men and require shorter cranks. This should not be ignored during the customization process.

Differences Between Womens Bicycles and Men’s Bicycles

As stated women are built differently from men; the main differences between women’s bicycles and regular men’s bicycles is in the geometry of the frame and contact points.

The Top Tube

Due to the shorter torso and arms in women, the top tube is made to be shorter so that they can reach the handle bars comfortably while seating.

Bicycle Frames

The shortening of the top tube means that the angel of the head tube has to be adjusted. This moves the front wheel further forward to avoid contact with the toes while cycling.

Bicycle Handlebars

Women have smaller shoulders meaning that the handlebars are narrower. They are also lower as compared to men’s bicycles. It is worth remembering that women also have preferences when it comes to how the bike looks visually i.e. the paint job.

Bicycle Brakes and Grips

Women tend to have smaller hands; this means their bicycles usually have smaller handlebar grips. The brakes have a shorter reach as well for comfort purposes.


For the best riding experience, it is always better to customize the chosen bike for a more personalized fit. When looking to customize a women’s bike it is important to start by thinking about the intended riding conditions. When talking to sellers or even manufacturers it is important to provide as much information about the rider including measurements. You can find more information about women cycling here.

Where to Buy a Womens Bicycle?

If you are interested in buying a womens bicycle you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Womens Bicycle
Womens Bicycle
Womens Bicycle

Selected Women Bikes on eBay

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