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Everyone has to start from some point in everything they do in life including cycling. Feel free to ask any questions you might have and get the support of fellow cyclists in solving them as soon as possible.

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Adult Bicycle Training Wheels

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Aug 25, 2011
For the past four months I have been riding a trike pedicab. However, after keeping off regular cycling over the last three months I found that I am now unable to balance on a regular bicycle. I have been cycling for over half a century so you can guess how surprised I was.

So now my questions, will I have to go back to learning the basics of cycling using adult training wheels for balancing purposes? When will I know when its tie to get them off and get back regular cycling?

Thank you for your advice!

Look at adult bicycle training wheels
Sep 26, 2011
Great that you chose to post your question here as I have heard of a similar case posted by George on my biking forum. His question was:

Having ridden bikes for over fifty years, I am now unable to balance on my regular two wheeled mountain bike. Over the past three months I have been riding a trike pedicab and proud of having mastered the skill. However, I now seem to have totally forgotten my balancing skills on two wheels.

So now after learning how to ferry passengers around on a trike around modern centers. I can’t ride on two wheels for a few feet.

Is it even possible to lose a skill I have had for such a long time due to riding a trike? Also, can you recommend any training wheels for adults?

I could opt to using a two wheeled bike to pull a passenger carriage using a hitch, sort of like a bike/trailer setup. Should I use trainers to keep the balance and stability?

I will be so glad if you can answer my questions!

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Bicycle Pump

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Nov 25, 2011
I am looking for an easy to use bicycle pump for my classic Western Flyers I recently bought form my neighbor… suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Also consider electric tire pump
Dec 3, 2011
Hi Mary

Congratulations on your acquisition of Western Flyer bikes. They are an awesome choice, provided you got a great deal for them.

I appreciate your choice to post on my site on everything Bicycles and Bicycling. We also have a dedicated article on Western Flyer bicycles you can visit here.

Regarding bicycle pumps, there are different types available, but first you will have to consider the type of valves you will be using the pump on. For more on this read my page on bicycle inner tubes.

Since you want one that requires minimum physical effort to get the job done, a Black and Decker electric bicycle pump is highly recommended.

However, a manual pump is the best option for you if you are looking for one that can be used on the road during your cycling trips. You will find a detailed guide on bicycle tire pumps here.

Wish you the best



Dec 4, 2011
Thanks so much.

It’s funny that when we bought the Western Flyers we were just looking for some classic style bikes for leisure riding. Turns out that the 50 dollars we paid for both was a steal!

I’m considering buying the Black and Decker electric pump (going for $30) although I hear that the sound levels it produces can be a bit annoying.

Again, I appreciate the helpful info.

I also love this bicycling forum. Happy holidays.


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Automatic Bicycle Transmission

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Sep 23, 2011
I have always enjoyed riding single speed bikes with coaster brakes. Since I am only half an hour’s drive from my place of work I am looking at shifting to commuting by bicycle.

I have previously heard that there are bicycles equipped with automatic bicycle transmission. Does anybody know which company produces them? I think it’s in California.

I am looking for a bike that gets me where I want to go without being too involved in each aspect of the ride. Any suggestions?

Also look at bicycle gears
Sep 26, 2011
Thanks for choosing my forum to ask your bicycling question. You can get a lot of info on automatic bicycle transmission including Wikipedia.

You’ll learn the drawbacks of using this type of electronic transmission. Obviously the main one being the fact that you can use it when the power source is flat.

You can also read up on electric shifters on Wikipedia as well.

Automatic bicycle transmission is mainly designed for road racing bicycle not city commuting bikes.

Both electric and automatic transmissions are yet to be perfected for flawless use. I would recommend a 24 or 27 speed hybrid bicycle. These are suited for commuting applications and the gears are easy to use.

Again, I appreciate you posting on my forum;


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Puncture Proof Bicycle Tires

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Joseph Pereira (Sunnyvale, CA)
July 11, 2011
Hello people, does anyone of you have any experience with puncture proof bicycle tires? If so, can you please provide some of your preferred brands?

I am putting together of the best ones available based on practical experience. The only name on my list is Armadillo. It was recommended by my friend that has been happily using it for years.

Any recommendations?

Take a look at bicycle tires and tubes bicycle tires and tubes
Ruben Chelliah
Jul 26, 2011
Hi guys, my first time posting here.

Turned to puncture proof tires after a grueling time wheeling my bike for around four miles because of a puncture during a mountain biking trip. Having my friends riding around me all through made it even worse.

The fact that a frame pump will not help in such a situation does not help either. Riding the bike with a flat is also not an option since it will damage the bike. Paying a premium for the pricier alternative id definitely worth it!!

Samurai Biker
Aug 6, 2011
You might want to add Bira to that list. They have been my preferred brand for some time now and I love them. Definitely way better than the ones I see other riders using.

They also come at an affordable price, $ 19 on eBay which is fair. Since I personally install my tires I usually buy them online, however you can yours installed by technicians.


Dec 28, 2011
eBay also offers great variety of puncture proof tires.

Have a fun puncture proof time cycling.;

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