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Bike Riding Blog - bicycle near pumpkins

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My Recent Bicycle Trip in Japan

We have just come back from a 10 days bicycle trip in Japan.

Although we rode only 7 days during this trip, it was realy a lifetime experience. Besides the scenic views, the small country roads and the food, these are the people, the Japanese famous hospitality that bought our hearts.

For more information about our advanture you are invited to visit my page about our bicycle trip in Japan.

Take a look at some sample picture, and a short video movie.

Bike Riding Blog - Bicycle Trip in Japan

Bike Riding Blog - Bicycle Trip in Japan

Bike Riding Blog - Bicycle Trip in Japan

Bike Riding Blog - Bicycle Trip in Japan

Bike Riding Blog - bicycle near pumpkins

Our Rhine River Tour

On October 2010 we’ve come back from a 7 days bicycle trip along the Rheine River, from Frankfurt to Zurich.

It was a great trip. If you are interested in more information you are invited to visit my page describing our trip in details.

Bike Riding Blog - starting our touring bike trip

Bike Riding Blog - bikes with panniers

Bike Riding Blog - coffee brake

Bike Riding Blog - Frankfurt to Zurich-2010

What’s New?

My wife and I, together with another couple friends just came back from a 3 days trip to Rome, Italy.

Bike Riding Blog - bicycle riding along Via Appia Antica, Rome

On the first day we did just what we like so much to do when traveling in major cities: Walking without any specific purpose, or with just a general plan. On the way we had a chance to explore the real Rome: Not especially the places for tourists.

On the next day we have decided to do something special, something that we all like so much to do: Bicycle riding, this time along the Via Appia Antica.

We rented bikes at Via Appia Antica #60 (3EU per hour, 10EU for 1 day), and had a great day of bicycle riding in beautiful Rome.

Here is some more information:

Please take a look at some interesting links:

Tip: Get a honest opinion on cycling-related matters.

When you do a web search for information on cycling equipment, cycling tours and other bicycle-related information, you often get content spun for advertising purposes.

In this bike riding blog, I strive to give you an honest account of our cycling experiences. You can be assured that I’ve tested out most products and visited most travel destinations I’ve recommended.

  • We stayed in Aldebaran B&B, a great B&B located on a quiet street near the Termini, owned by the wonderful Laura.
  • While walking along the Transtevere area, we met a very nice guy, riding on a small electrical-folding bike. Lorenzo has a successful business for renting apartments in Rome. You can find him Here.

Bike Riding Blog - electrical - folding bikes

“Work like you don’t need the money, love like your heart has never been broken,
and dance like no one is watching.”

Aurora Greenway

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