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Many bike riders are askin this common question:

“Why do we need special (and sometimes expensive) cycling clothes”?

In this article I would like to give you some answers. Lets try:

Why do We Need Special Cycling Clothes?

We’ve come a long way from the times when folks just used to hop on a bike and cycle away.

If you’re a serious bicycle rider, whether as a hobby or profession, you need to have the right gear. Besides getting a bike that is comfortable and which will enhance your performance, you also need to have cycling clothes as well.

As the years have gone by and technology has progressed, the variety of clothing available to riders has widened incredibly. While a lot of the items have been developed and improved to enhance safety, designs have undoubtedly been modified to enhance visual appeal.

Whenever you get on your bike, you need to have on at the very least, a helmet and bicycling gloves for your personal safety. If you will be riding over long distances it is recommended that you invest in a bicycling jersey and a pair of cycling shorts among other items. We have described them below in detail:

Articles About Bicycling Jerseys

Far from being just a fashion statement (you have to admit those professionals look really cool in their zip-up jerseys), this kind of cycling clothes is designed to keep you cool and dry while riding. There is a broad range of jerseys available:

Mens’ Cycling JerseyThese are specifically made to reduce the amount of sweat clinging onto men as they ride. They come in different sizes and have such options as traditional and raglan sleeves. Choose the one that suits you and help you achieve your desired level of performance.

Women’s Cycling JerseyThere’s a world of difference between the cycling clothes a woman can ride in comfortably and the ones designed for men. For one, women’s jerseys are wide at the bottom to cater for the hips.

Youth Cycling JerseyAs you pass on the love of your favorite pastime or profession to your kids, make sure they have the gear they need to reach their full potential. They come in different designs and colors to suit the tastes of both boys and girls.

Custom Bicycle JerseyYou don’t have to settle for the designs and sizes of cycling clothes currently available in stores. A custom bicycle jersey allows you to have your say regarding size, color and flexibility. Get a jersey that reflects your personality.

Wool Cycling JerseyWool is a material known to be easy on the skin and to provide warmth to the body, making ideal when riding in cold conditions. There is a variety of wool jerseys offered by different brands.

Pearl Izumi Cycling JerseyThis is a renowned cycling gear brand based in Tokyo, Japan. Pearl Izumi has been in the business for over half a century and their cycling clothes are synonymous with quality and cutting-edge technology.

Funny Cycling JerseyThis kind of jersey allows you to express your personality or brighten up someone else’s day. Besides being eye catching, these jerseys are very functional.

Retro Cycling JerseyYou can gee yourself up for biking expeditions by donning replicas of yesterday’s cycling greats. They are as comfortable and breathable as they are pretty.

Other Types of Cycling Clothes

Bicycling ShortsBicycling Shorts: Getting a good pair of shorts is essential to riding comfort. You can choose from a variety of styles and materials.

Biking PantsIf you want something that will cover your legs but not get caught in the spokes while riding, you can select from a range of biking pants.

Cycling UnderwearCycling Underwear: For those not into cycling shorts, there is are different kinds of underwear specifically designed to keep you comfortable while riding.

Bike-Riding ShoesIf you’ll be biking over long distances you will need shoes that will give you better grip on the pedals.

Cycling SandalsFrom time to time you should try to replace your shoes and replace them with cycling sandals. Check how comfortable they are!

Bicycling SocksThere are specialized socks for riders designed to prevent you from developing blisters due to friction while reducing the discomfort from sweat.

Biker Head GearHelmets are the primary kind of head safety gear for riders but there are other kinds of gear including balaclavas, beanies, caps and helmet liners which protect you from injury, the sun and low temperatures.

Sports HeadbandsOther than being a really cool feature around your brow, sports headbands serve the important purpose of keeping sweat and flailing hair out of your eyes.

Bicycling GlovesThese are designed to protect your hands from a different menaces including extreme cold, cuts and grazes as well as the uncomfortable sweat from gripping the handle bars over a long period.

Bicycle Rain Gear, Winter Riding Gear & Winter Cycling ShoesDon’t let the weather dampen your love for riding. Get cycling clothes and gear that will keep out the chill and keep you comfortable out in the snow.

Cycling Clothes

Take a look at this man commuting by bicycle
Does he need new cycling clothing?

Where to Buy Cycling Clothes?

If you are interested in buying cycling clothes you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

“There is no bad weather; there are only bad clothes”
Klaus from a local bike shop in Frankfurt (When I asked him if tomorrow’s weather is good for bicycle biking

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