Bicycle Rain Gear
Bicycle Rain Gear
Bicycle Rain Gear

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A little bit of rain should not be an excuse for you to put off your training session on the bicycle. If you’re a competitive rider you’ll know that the show must go on regardless of the weather. Yes, you say, but why can’t I simply ride out in my regular raincoat or poncho? This is because they’re not designed to keep the air flowing inside while keeping the water out. Wearing that poncho, or plastic bag with holes cut out for your arms, will make riding uncomfortable as you’ll be cooking in there as you pedal. Another problem with this solution is that this kind of protective clothing tends to parachute up when it catches the wind or flap about irritatingly.

Types Of Bicycle Rain Gear

Now that you know why rain gear is important, let’s introduce you to the kinds there are in the market today.

Coated fabrics: These are made of synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester and include fabrics such as Power-Tex, Ultrex and Breath. They are softer than other kinds of bicycle rain gear and thus make much less noise. However, they don’t have the of waterproofing capabilities that PVC fabrics have.

PVC fabrics: If you’re going out in heavy downpour, these are your best bet to stay dry as they’re completely waterproof. The problem with these fabrics is that they don’t allow air to flow through them and they are not designed to wick moisture away.

Laminated fabrics: These are nylon and polyester fabrics that offer a sort of middle ground between poly-vinyls and coated fabrics. They are laminated with a membrane to improve the waterproofing qualities and sometimes come with an additional layer that wicks away moisture.

Did you know…?

Bicycle Rain Gear

It is important to keep your knees covered during cold and wet cycling days. This ensures that your knees are warm so that blood circulation to the limbs is not interfered with. Whatever bicycle rain gear you choose should ensure this.

Your Rain Biking Outfit Will Consist Of

Here is a list of the specific bicycle rain gear products you can shop for in preparation for a day of fun in inclement weather.

Rain jacket: Get a waterproof jacket with a hood to cover your head which can fit under your helmet. You can find jackets with attached hoods as well as those with detachable hoods.

Rain pants: Water-resistant rain pants are available in two varieties: baggy pants and tights. You can have pants that you can wear over your biking shorts or you can go for tights that are equally water-resistant depending on your personal preference.

Booties: To help keep your feet warm and dry during a ride in wet weather you can snag a pair of booties. These are not those cute woolen shoes baby wears but waterproof shoe coverings made to protect your biking shoes.

Gloves: Waterproof gloves are important to not only keep your hands dry, but also to help you maintain control of your bike. These can be worn over your regular cycling gloves.

Helmet cover: A helmet cover functions pretty much like helmet lining in that it fits beneath the helmet, only this time it is meant to keep your head from rainwater, not sweat.

Where to Buy Bicycle Rain Gear?

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