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As a rider who bikes long distances competitively or for fitness, a good pair of cycling gloves is more than just a fashion statement. They are a significant factor in a safe and comfortable ride and they have a role to play in your performance as a whole. They do more than just keep icy winds from your hands when cycling on cold days.

Why You Need To Wear Bicycling Gloves

Better bike control: Mountain bikers will tell you how important having good grip is when navigating bumpy terrain. This grip, sans gloves, can be easily compromised by rainwater or sweaty palms.

Yes, most handlebars have rubber grips at the ends, but even this will not be adequate when moisture is introduced. Gloves for biking are made from material with wicking properties which help keep them dry. In addition to that they come with rubber padding to help improve your grip.

Comfort: If you’re cycling down a few streets you will struggle to see the need for a pair of bike gloves. If you get them it will probably be more for the image than anything. But once you begin racking up the miles it will become clear how essential gloves are. Your palms will begin sweating and the sweat, combined with the friction between your skin and the handlebars, will lead to the development of painful blisters. This will hamper

Bike maintenance: The sweat from your hands, loaded as it is with minerals from your body, might corrode the shifters on your bike. You can avoid this imperceptible deterioration of your bike’s components by covering your hands with a pair of gloves.

Did you know…?

Bicycling Gloves

There are gloves specially designed for men and women. You will find both full-finger and short-finger women’s bicycling gloves in most bike shops and online stores.

Temperature control: One of the primary functions of bicycling gloves is keeping your hands warm during cold days. It is easy for your fingers to be numbed by the cold air passing over them as they are more or less inactive for the duration of your ride.

Protection: Who hasn’t seen pro bikers taking a tumble during racing events? If you’re a mountain biker, the risk of slipping and falling, especially on muddy trails, is very high. A pair of gloves will keep you from suffering nasty gashes in such an event. The gloves are also equipped with padding to absorb the impact of bumps on the road.

Fingerless Vs. Full-Fingered gloves

If you’re into snow biking or do your biking in a cold region, you will want to invest in full-finger gloves as they guarantee you extra warmth. They cover your fingers and prevent you from getting hypothermia as you hold onto a cold handlebar. Even better for the cold season are cycling mitts. These only have three pockets for fingers, ensuring your fingers stay together and keep each other warm. These gloves may not be conducive for riding in warmer conditions. When riding during summer you need gloves that will help you dissipate heat and this is where track mitts, or fingerless gloves, come in handy.

Where to Buy Bicycling Gloves?

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