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If you’re a bike owner wondering if it’s really necessary to ride with bicycling jerseys, you’re not alone. You could just don a regular tee and hit the streets, right?

Why Wear Bicycling Jerseys?

They keep you dry: These jerseys are primarily designed to make riding as comfortable as possible for you.

This means getting rid of that clingy, cloying sensation when your sweat glues your shirt to your body. A biking jersey will wick away the moisture when you sweat, transferring it to the exterior of your jersey where it can be evaporated away by the wind.

Body temperature regulation: A good jersey will both deal with moisture and keep your body temperature on an even keel as you ride to optimize comfort. It will help keep you warm on cool days and cool in hot weather. You can zip up and zip down as required to keep out or let in some air.

Preventing friction: Bicycling jerseys further enhance your comfort on the road by preventing the material from rubbing against your skin. For this purpose they are made with fitted or flat seams.

Wearing bicycling jerseys in Montenegro

Wearing custom cycling jerseys while biking in Montenegro

Biking Jersey Designs

As soon as you embark on a search for a biking jersey you will be overwhelmed by the wealth of brands and designs available. How do you choose what’s best for you? That’s easy, your number one consideration should be your comfort.

Fabric: The material the jersey is made out of and how it is sewn will go a long way to determining how comfortable you’ll be in it. Coolmax is a trusted fabric that offers excellent wicking, leaving you dry and comfortable.

Men’s/Women’s jerseys: Biking jerseys are designed to cater for the unique physical characteristics of men and women. Women’s jerseys have allowances for the chest and hip areas. Settling for the wrong kind of jersey can lead to plenty of discomfort.

Short vs. Long Sleeves: A big factor at play in deciding this will be where you live. If you’re based in a place with generally cool climate you will want to go for a long-sleeved jersey. For summer vacation riding, you’ll want one with short-sleeves or go for one that’s sleeveless altogether.

With or Without Zippers: On the market you will find jerseys with zippers that go halfway down while others can be fully unzipped like a jacket. If you want an easy time putting the jersey on and off you will go for the one with a full zip.

Mountain Biking vs. Road Biking Jerseys: If you’re into biking or love watching sports you will notice that the jerseys worn by mountain bikers are looser than those worn by Tour de France competitors.

Did you know…?

Bicycling Jerseys

You will go faster if you’re dressed in tighter clothing. It is why professional riders are always in skin-tight jerseys. A t-shirt flapping in the wind will increase drag or resistance and make you a couple of seconds slower. For higher speed zip up the jersey completely.

Where to Buy Bicycling Jerseys?

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Last Word About Bicycling Jerseys

Don’t be swayed by colors and fancy graphics, the most important consideration when buying bicycling jerseys is your comfort.

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