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Bicycling Shorts
Bicycling Shorts

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If you’ll be spending hours on the seat of your bicycle, comfort will be a major consideration for you. One of the ways you can make your ride much more bearable is by getting the right kind of bicycling shorts. Wait a minute, you say. So why exactly do I need to invest in other shorts when I have plenty of shorts lying in my closet? Here’s why:

Why You Need Cycling Shorts

  • Maximum comfort – When you’re riding bike over long distances you need proper protection from friction. This is what these shorts are designed to do. No only do they keep your skin from chafing, they allow you to have full range of motion when pedaling. The shorts also come with padding in the right places.
  • Regulate body temperature – If you’re riding in hot weather you might want to have shorts that are breathable and allow your limbs to cool. In cooler climes you will need shorts that can block the wind. Shorts made out of Lycra have moisture-wicking properties to prevent a build-up of sweat.
  • Enhanced performance – A good pair of shorts will not only keep you comfortable over long distances, they will help improve your times if you cycle competitively. The materials used to make bicycling shorts are specifically chosen to enhance your performance and reduce resistance.
  • Look like a pro – Even if you’re not a competitive rider, having the right gear for your cycles will have a positive effect on your psyche. The shorts come in many designs and you can choose the one that suits your taste.

Choosing The Right Bicycling Shorts

There are a number of factors to ponder when shopping around for cycling shorts. Here are some of the main ones:


The two main materials that these shorts are made of are Lycra, CoolMax, spandex and wool. Each of these has properties designed to keep you comfortable in different conditions so you need to think about the weather patterns where you ride. If you will be riding in cool conditions then you are well advised to invest in wool shorts.

Most pros prefer Lycra shorts because of their ability to expand. Spandex is also highly expandable. You also need to consider the kind of padding the shorts have. This is usually made from chamois or synthetic material. You also have a choice between thin and thick padding.

Men’s Vs. Women’s Shorts

You need to know that cycling shorts are not universal and that they are designed to fit the body types of men and women. The padding in the shorts is fitted specifically for men or women.

Baggy Vs. Tight Shorts

Conservative riders may not want to be seen wearing skin-tight shorts and if this is you, there is the option of baggy bicycling shorts. They will mostly come with an inner lining as shorts for cycling are not meant to be worn with underwear. Baggy shorts also come with pockets if you will need to be carrying stuff.

Mountain Vs. Downhill Biking

The shorts recommended for these two disciplines are different as they demand different levels of exertion.


While the traditional black looks great and hides dirt well, you might want something that better reflects your personality. Good thing is there is a wide selection of colors and designs available.

Fitted Shorts

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Where to Buy Bicycling Shorts?

If you are interested in buying bicycling shorts you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycling Shorts
Bicycling Shorts
Bicycling Shorts

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