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Bicycling socks, you ask? Do those even exist? Yes they do and they are not just some superfluous invention made to distinguish biking pros from amateurs; they have an important purpose. Or purposes, we should say, as these specially designed socks play multiple roles.

Functions of Bicycling Socks

Comfort: This is the primary role of this kind of sock. Unlike the socks you wear to the office, they ensure your feet don’t get clammy with sweat as you cycle over long distances. They are designed to wick away sweat and keep your feet nice and dry.

Protection: Bicycling socks are padded in certain areas to protect your feet where they come into contact with the pedals. They help reduce the impact of the friction between the socks and your skin, keeping painful blisters away.

Temperature control: Biking socks, especially those that extend up to below the knee, keep your calf muscles warm when riding in areas with cool climate. Besides insulating your legs from extremely cold weather, these socks are breathable and allow air in to keep your calves cool in hot weather.

Choosing Cycling Socks

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Bicycling Socks

Biking socks have a cuff that keeps them from sliding down your legs as you pedal. This keeps the socks from getting tangled in the chainring or pedals.

When you embark on your quest to make a purchase, whether online or offline, you will be confronted by many different kinds and brands of bicycling socks. Here are some guidelines to make it easier for you to make a decision.

Material: Biking socks are made from different kinds of materials. Those made from synthetic materials like Coolmax will serve you well if you plan to ride in warm conditions. They are very effective in keeping your feet dry and sweat-free thanks to their moisture-wicking qualities. If you’re planning to ride during winter you should go for wool cycling socks. They will keep your feet well insulated from the chill while keeping them free of moisture.

Style: As you shop you will find that socks come in varying lengths. There are some that barely cover the ankles and there are others that go as high as the calf. These high-cut cycling socks are ideal for cool conditions and will keep your muscles warm over long distances. Other than this consideration sock length is mostly a matter of personal taste. Some like the triathlete look and hence go for the long socks. Others detest the tan lines these lengthy socks give during summer.Cycling socks come in a wide range of colors to satisfy different tastes and personalities.

Sample Bicycling Socks

Bicycling Socks
Bicycling Socks
Bicycling Socks
Bicycling Socks
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Coolmax Bicycling Socks

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Clearly getting bicycling socks is a good ideafor many reasons. They will keep you going long after regular socks would have stopped you because of blisters. Though it is true that you can find the wicking properties with most other high-performance athletic socks, any biking enthusiast would want to get the proper gear for the job.

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