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There are different kinds of head gear available to cyclists but arguably the most strongly advocated is the helmet. It is deemed, with good reason, as an essential component of biking gear crucial to the safety of the rider. But it is not the only head wear cyclists can don on the road, in fact a selection of this head gear can be worn beneath the helmet. Each kind of gear has a specific function it serves and so you need to acquaint yourself with the different kinds of biker head gear before you go shopping.


You have probably seen athletes in other disciplines wearing headbands. One LeBron James has made them particularly popular. But unlike those worn by basketball or tennis players, biking headbands are wider and are designed to cover the ears. The purpose is more or less similar to those other kinds of headbands; keep sweat from the head from dripping into your eyes. This can be a dangerous prospect when you’re on the road. With the menace and discomfort of sweat taken care of, you can focus on improving your times and fitness. This kind of biker head gear is made to fit snugly underneath your helmet.

Biking Caps

Also designed to fit underneath a helmet, biking caps look like baseball caps in that they have a peak at the front. They serve many different functions. First, like a regular cap, they are effective in keeping direct sunlight from your eyes. If you’re bald, a biking cap can keep your scalp from being toasted in summer should you be having a ventilated helmet on. Secondly, like headbands, they work to keep sweat and rainwater from trickling into your eyes. Another role this kind of biker head gear can play is keeping your head warm when riding in cooler conditions.

Helmet Liners (Skulls)

There are many brands available in the market but they are all geared towards one purpose; keeping sweat from your eyes and sunglasses. This kind of head gear, also referred to as beanies or skull caps, are designed to wick moisture away from your head. They are particularly important in this regard for those who are bald or balding. And if you fall into this category you will be grateful for how effective helmet liners are in protecting you from direct sunshine when wearing a ventilated helmet.


Biking caps and helmet liners may help keep you warm during cold weather but the biker head gear specifically designed for winter riding is the balaclava. Made from polyester, wool, spandex, or sometimes a combination of these materials, balaclavas keep your head nice and warm as you pedal away in the snow. Balaclavas cover not just your head, but most of your face and neck. Some balaclavas will cover your nose and mouth which may make breathing slightly more difficult. However, such balaclavas are effective in keeping you protected from the icy air in extremely cold conditions. A compromise is found in balaclavas that have bigger holes in the mouth area.

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While getting a good cycling helmet is crucial to a safe ride, buying the right biker head gear will enhance your comfort and help boost your overall performance.

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