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When out riding in summer, many cyclists prefer footwear that will let their toes breathe. For this reason they opt for cycling sandals over shoes. These specially designed sandals grip the pedals better than ordinary sandals. All in all, cycling sandals are some of the most versatile kinds of footwear you can use when riding.

Did you know…?

Cycling Sandals

Cycling sandals are a great idea for winter riding or riding in wet conditions. This is thanks to their ability to dry very quickly as compared to regular biking shoes. You only need to be careful to put on a pair of waterproof socks over your feet.

Why You Need Cycling Sandals

Comfort: The way these sandals are designed, with plenty of holes, means they offer great ventilation for your feet. If you’re riding in summer, be it over long or short distances, this is the most comfortable footwear you can use. Sandals come in handy when you want to take a leisure ride during the warm season.

Convenience: They are especially convenient if you know you will be making stops to admire the scenery or walk around a bit. If you want to stroll about in the sand during a beach ride you can do so. You don’t even have to take the sandals off when you want to relax in the course of your ride. And if you have to the process is much simpler than taking off biking shoes.

All-weather: Cycling sandals are extremely versatile and can be used in practically any kind of weather. In the warmer times of the year you can wear them without socks and feel the wind rushing through your feet. During wet weather or in cooler conditions you can pull on a pair of riding socks and strap your sandals over them. When its winter you can put on booties over them.

Commuting: Environment-conscious commuters who cycle to work or to school can take advantage of comfortable riding sandals designed for commuters. These are made of a slightly softer kind of rubber than your usual biking sandals to make them equally comfortable to walk in. They also grip onto flat pedals better, preventing your feet from slipping off while riding. Another feature that improves the quality of your ride is the slightly stiff shank which facilitates efficient transfer of power to the bike whenever you pedal.

A number of special features have also been incorporated into some sandals such as an anti-odor footbed which are designed not to absorb moisture, keeping your feet from smelling.

Where to Buy Cycling Sandals?

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