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Cycling tights are designed to provide comfortable protection from weather elements. Since they fit the wearer perfectly, they cannot get caught in the bicycle chain rings and bicycle chain. This shape also makes with minimal resistance. Tights provide an essential level of protection against the elements. You can comfortably ride in cold, hot, windy and even rainy conditions. They are designed with a permeable fabric to enable easier breathing especially when riding in hot conditions.

Bicycle Pants Types

When shopping for bicycling pants you will find that there are different varieties available. These are made of cotton, polyester and elastic material. The main idea is to create a capable layer of insulation protecting the cycling from the elements.

The materials are interwoven to create a strong shield against the elements when cycling in extreme weather. The elastic material on the pants is essential in creating a perfect fit as well as accommodating easy and convenient movement when pedaling.

It is important to note that cycling tights usually do not have an elastic band around the waist as this would be quite restrictive to the wearer’s breathing when riding as well as being uncomfortable. However, the ankles may have elastic bands to keep the tights in place even when the legs are actively in motion.

Bicycling tights are also different from normal running tights. They include wind blocking parts around areas that are exposed to high winds when cycling. The front of the leg, crotch, and upper side of the back covering the buttocks are all covered by this wind blocking material. The best ones will be pulled up at the back so as to maintain their cover on the backside even when the cyclist leans to the front assuming an aero dynamic shape.

Applications and Instructions

Bicycle tights are designed to be worn during specific periods and weather. In most cases, they are suited to cold and wet weather. These offer the necessary protection from wet conditions and the cold. This makes them quite unsuitable for warm weather. Tights can also be worn when riding along trails to prevent skin contact with bugs and bushes.

Different tights should be worn in combination with different clothes and layers. For instance some can be worn alone or as a layer in layered clothing.

Recommended Bicycling Tights

Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Thermal Cycling Bib Tight

Cycling Tights

This coverall design tights provides extensive body protection from the feet up to the cyclist’s abdomen. They are designed to offer protection from extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) as well as moisture. Male cyclists are guaranteed comfortable riding when wearing these tights.

Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Thermal Cycling Tight

Cycling Tights

These tights are designed for comfortable cycling in cold weather. The thermal fleece design keeps the warm temperatures in and the cold out. They also have a perfectly designed waist band to ensure they snugly fit all wearers while avoiding any constriction to breathing. A lower leg zipper is included for a perfect fit.

Pearl iZUMi Women’s AmFIB Drop Tail Cycling Suit

Cycling Tights

These tights also cover the rider from the abdomen down to the feet. It is aptly designed to keep the cyclists comfortable in any riding conditions i.e. windy, dry and cold. The best thing about these tight is that they can be worn in combination with other layers of clothing according to the cyclist’s preferences.

Sugoi Women’s MidZero Tights

Cycling Tights

These moisture wicking tights are designed specifically for female cyclists. For the perfect fit, they have elastic free side panels for an easier and shapely fit. Like other cycling tights, they keep the rider dry, and warm in all riding conditions.

Pearl iZUMi Men’s Infinity Tight

Cycling Tights

These tights come with an elastic drawstring waistband for the perfect fit depending on the rider’s size. They also keep the rider dry, warm and comfortable as they are made with nylon and polyester with elastic material being used to make sure that they accommodate the cyclists movements.

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Cycling exposes the rider to different weather conditions. It is recommended that you wear cycling tights as they are specifically designed to keep the rider dry and warm given the conditions they are bound to face when cycling.

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