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For over half a century Pearl Izumi has been outfitting sportsmen and women and outdoor enthusiasts with high quality gear. The company came into existence in Japan in 1950, founded by a father zealous to support his son’s racing career. Since then the brand has become a global powerhouse in sports apparel. The US franchise of the company, Pearl Izumi USA, was born in 1981. Buying a Pearl Izumi cycling jersey is relying on guaranteed quality and trusted pedigree.

Why Pearl Izumi?

Good question, especially in light of several other reputable brands based in the US and Europe. Here are a few reasons:

Established name: Pearl Izumi has been trusted by the US National Cycling team among many other elite cyclists for jerseys, jackets, gloves and practically any kind of cycling gear. Apart from bikers, Pearl Izumi kits out triathletes, joggers and cross-country skiers and athletes of other disciplines.

Continual R&D: This company is continually seeking to make their products better suit the changing needs of today’s sportsmen and women. Their researchers are constantly collecting feedback from cyclists at the highest level of the sport to make the Pearl Izumi cycling jersey the perfect riding companion regardless of the conditions you’re riding in.

Wide range of products: You can get any kind of cycling jersey from Pearl Izumi’s range. Both men and women can find jerseys for casual riding, serious mountain biking or pro racing from the company’s biking jersey range. There are long-sleeved, short-sleeved and sleeveless jerseys as well as full-zipped, and partial-zipped jerseys. You can get a jersey that fits loosely or one that’s a form-fit or semi form-fit, depending on the kind of cyclist you are.

Selected Pearl Izumi Cycling Jerseys

Here are some of the Pearl Izumi biking jerseys you can find in stores today.

Pearl Izumi Men’s Attack Jersey

Pearl Izumi Cycling Jersey

This is the perfect jersey for you if you’re not quite a professional rider but bike regularly over long distances. It gives you the aerodynamics of a pro without the restrictions of a form-fit jersey. This Pearl Izumi cycling jersey comes with a full zip to keep you cool during rides on warm days. Though it is semi-form fitting, it has an elasticized hem that keeps air from flowing in beneath the jersey.

Women’s Launch SL Jersey

Pearl Izumi Cycling Jersey

For ladies fond of mountain biking during the hot season, this cycling jersey is the ideal top. It is sleeveless and has a V-neck to ensure you remain as cool as possible. You also avoid getting those unsightly tan lines on your arms. Its loose fit also allows you to fully engage yourself without experiencing restrictions in your range of motion or getting cooked on the inside. Made from 100% polyester, this Pearl Izumi cycling jersey is extremely efficient in wicking moisture and keeping you dry.

Did you know…?

Pearl Izumi Cycling Jersey

That the name Pearl Izumi has a meaning? It translates to ‘fountain of pearls’ literally. Izumi is a location in Japan renowned for its clear water.

Take a look at their softshell jerseys. They are durable and waterproof, and at the same time also breathable snd offer premium insulation.

Where to Buy Pearl Izumi Cycling Jersey?

If you are interested in buying Pearl Izumi cycling jersey you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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