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A cycling jersey is important for keeping an athlete cool and dry during a hard ride but it is also a means of making a personal statement. With a retro cycling jersey you can express your personality while making a connection with the cycling legends of yesterday. Some cyclers are of the opinion that the cycling teams of the 60s, 70s and 80s looked much more stylish than the teams of today. Whether or not its true that modern cycling has lost that bit of pizzazz, we think a retro jersey is a great idea for any occasion.

Why A Retro Cycling Jersey?

Quality fabric: Buy a jersey from back in the golden age of racing and it will likely be made from 100% merino wool from Italy. This of course means that it will be uber-comfy and will shield you from cold weather superbly. What better way to limber up for autumn rides than in such an eye-catching, cozy top?

Stand out from the crowd: At a cycling meet you will be sure to capture the attention of other riders and the spectators if you’re kitted out in jerseys from decades ago.

Remember yesterday’s cycling heroes: Want to reconnect with the days when cycling races were a battle against mean cobbled streets and where riders braved the conditions without the backroom staff and other such comforts? You need to get yourself a vintage Molteni jersey or something similarly antique. While many jersey designs today are inspired by those from the past, nothing beats riding out in an authentic retro cycling jersey.

Popular Retro Jerseys

La Casera-Bahamontes: This catchy design has just been reintroduced by reputable cycling gear brand PrendasCiclismo. The team itself was not a prolific winner but anyone who sees the replica of the red and white jersey worn by Pedro Torres back in the seventies will want to be associated with Federico Bahamontes’ outfit.

Molteni: Anyone who knows their racing history will not need to be told how great a name Molteni was in the tours. The team won the Tour De France and other competitions on several occasions in the seventies. The jersey is known for being 100% merino wool and the three signature pockets at the back.

Formaggio 1960 Retro Short Sleeve Men’s Cycling Jersey: This jersey is a wonderful throwback from a time when cyclists were more road warriors than pampered celebrities. Formaggio is a well-known name from this era and this retro cycling jersey allows you to share in the successes of that team. On top of that you will be getting a high quality polyester jersey with excellent wicking properties that does not smell.

Did you know…?

Retro Cycling Jersey

There is a difference between retro replicas and actual retro jerseys from 20, 30 years ago. To get an original retro cycling jersey you will need to pay premium as they are more or less collectors’ items.

Where to Buy Retro Cycling Jersey?

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Retro Cycling Jersey

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