Cycling Sports Headbands
Cycling Sports Headbands
Cycling Sports Headbands

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Athletes in practically all disciplines, even golf, use sports headbands. They are effective in keeping sweat from dripping into the eyes of players. Those with long hair also rely on headbands to keep follicles from getting into their eyes and interfering with their game. You would imagine this function is even more important in the case of cyclists. One little slip while trying to blink away sweat or hair can lead to them losing control of their bike and endangering their lives.

Biking Headbands Vs. Regular Headbands

There is a difference between the sports headbands, say, Paul Pierce wears and what bikers use. For one, biking headbands are designed to fit under a cycling helmet. It should fit snugly without causing the helmet to become loose on your head.

Having said that, there are a number of qualities regular headbands have in common with those used by cyclists. They are both made from materials such as cotton and polyester to maximize their ability to absorb sweat. Both these types of headbands are elastic and able to stretch to fit heads of all sizes.

What To Look For In Sports Headbands

Here are some of the qualities you need to look out for to make sure you get your money’s worth from your cycling headband.

Sweat absorption: Your chosen headband needs to be made from a material that is effective in absorbing all the sweat from your head, preventing it from flowing into your eyes. Headbands such as the Pearl Izumi Transfer Lite Headband are made from P.R.O transfer fabric which works to transfer sweat away from the eyes by wicking it and allowing it to evaporate quickly.Such headbands give bacteria less of a chance to fester and produce bad odors.

Sweat guiding: Look out for headbands that come with a rubber strip that works to deliberately guide sweat away from the eyes.

Suitability to purpose: You also need to know if the headband is designed for use with helmets or not. If it is not it is likely to bunch up when you wear it beneath your helmet. To be on the safe side you can go for a dual-purpose headband that can be worn with or without a helmet.

Personal taste: Sports headbands are no longer of a generic color and they are made by many different manufacturers. You can get a headband that matches your personality. Adidas have a black and white headband that you can reverse to show the band and logo in the opposite colors.

Did you know…?

Sports Headbands

There are headbands that are also cycling caps? These are great for riding during the warm season as they are designed to absorb sweat from the forehead. They also have a visor protect your eyes fromdirect sunlight.

Where to Buy Sports Headbands?

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When you go shopping online on shops like, Chain Reaction and you need to know the kind of headband you need for your conditions. Getting the right kind of sports headband will greatly enhance your comfort and ability to focus on your cycling.

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