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At one point in the cycling world, wool was all the rage and every other jersey in the bike shop was a wool cycling jersey. But things changed and suddenly the market was dominated by Lycra and other synthetic fabrics. However, of late there has been a change of heart towards dear old wool, especially the kind derived from merino sheep. The change of heart has been precipitated by science as research revealed the unmatched benefits of this natural fiber.

Why A Wool Cycling Jersey?

Comfort: One of the reason merino cycling gear is in high demand is the moisture-wicking properties of this fabric. This means you don’t get that nasty clammy sensation when you begin sweating as you ride. On top of that wool is known for its softness on the skin.

Body temperature control: When you sweat, other fabrics, such as cotton allow the wind to get through to you and make you cold. Wool is unique in that though it gets wet, it still keeps you warm. During those long rides, this is an essential quality.

No odor: One thing users of cycling jerseys made from synthetic fabrics will tell you for free is that they easily develop a bad smell. This is because even though they deal effectively with the moisture from sweat, they don’t have anti-bacterial properties. This means they have to be washed frequently. Not so with wool. Guys who go on long cycling tours where no washing facilities are available can comfortable wear and re-wear their wool cycling jersey. The anti-bacterial qualities in wool are thanks to the lanolin it contains.

Variety: Wool jerseys are available in a variety of styles today. You can get short-sleeved or long-sleeved jerseys as well as loose or tight-fitting ones depending on your personal preference. The choice between full and partial zips is also offered by most vendors.

Durability: Even after a using it for a long time and washing it regularly, you will find that the wool biking jersey is almost as good as new.

Reputable Wool Jersey Manufacturers

Among the more renowned names to look out for when shopping for a quality wool cycling jersey are:

Did You Know?

Wool Cycling Jersey

Wool, besides being soft and gentle on the skin, is also non-allergenic? It is recommended by dermatologists to people who react to different kinds of fabric.

Ground Effect: This is a biking gear company based in New Zealand and they supply a wide range of both tops and bottomsmade from merino wool. You can choose from jerseys of differing thickness depending on the season and the array of colors is dizzying. Their gear is reasonably priced and renowned for its quality and they have an enticing offer of $30 off for newbies.

Ibex: This Vermont firm also has a reputation for excellent build quality but it is also known for being a bit pricey. Included in their wool range is everything from jackets and long-sleeved jerseys to underwear.

Portland Cyclewear: This is a relatively new entrant in terms of wool merchandise but is fast gaining on more established rivals due to their reasonable prices.

Where to Buy Wool Cycling Jersey?

If you are interested in buying wool cycling jersey you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Wool Cycling Jersey
Wool Cycling Jersey

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