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Selected Cycling Equipment

For those of us who are crazy about cycling, having the right cycling equipment fitted on the bike is an essential part of enjoying yourself every time you ride out. The wide variety of gadgets available today makes cycling more convenient and efficient. Simply said you are bound to find a host of useful equipment every time you shop around for bicycle accessories.

After you are done looking at new bicycles and bought the best one for your preferred type of cycling, getting some functional accessories is vital. After all, a new bicycle comes with zero accessories for use.

For instance you can’t ride your new bicycle without a helmet for safety purposes. As soon as you have one you might think that you are good to go, but what will happen if you get a flat tire? You will need a bicycle repair kit, bicycle pump and a suitable bicycle inner tubes.

When you get a complete list of the bicycle equipment you need, remember to include luggage bags to ensure that you do not have to cram everything into your cycling backpack.

In simple terms, after you buy your bicycle you will find that you need a host of accessories for the most convenient and worry free riding. Don’t be shy of buying the equipment you feel is important every time you hit the bike store as you will find you will always need something.

Bike Oriented Cycling Equipment

Bicycle Reflectors: Bicycle reflectors enhance your visibility while cycling. They come in many shapes and forms. Read our guide before you choose.

Tandem Bike Trailer: If you are looking to go cycling with your child who is too big for a child bicycle seat but not ready to ride with you on their own bike, the this bicycle equipment is for you.

Bicycle Locks: To avid cyclists, bicycles are invaluable. Protect your investment using the best bicycle locks described here.

Bicycle Fenders: Cycling is great in any kind of weather. Avoid splashing dirty road water all over yourself using quality bike fenders.

Bicycle Horns: Cycling along city streets can be quite risky given the noisy environment and high concentration of road users. As a cyclist, you will be competing with them for space and your right of way. Read our page on bicycle horns to get an idea of your options.

Bicycle Bells: Even when you are riding along quieter surroundings and trails, you will find that you need some way of signaling other road users of your presence. Bicycle bells have come a long way and include a wide variety as you will find out here.

Bicycle Trailers: Bike trailers represent one of the most functional and versatile type of cycling equipment. They can be used to carry kids or provide additional cargo space.

Bicycle Mirrors: Bicycle mirrors are designed to help you avoid accidents before they happen. Take a look!

Bicycle Handlebar Tape: Bicycle handlebar tape is a great way to increase the grip on your bicycle handlebars and help you stay in control. Read here for more.

Cycling Accessories for the Rider

Adult Bicycle Helmets: Safety should always come first when cycling. Bicycle helmets are among the most important type of cycling equipment. in terms of keeping you safe during accidents and falls, the facts speak for themselves. Read on for more information.

Bicycle Child Seat: Even in parenthood, you can still enjoy cycling with your young ones with the help of a suitable child seat. Read on to learn more about your options.

Tip: Take your time to accumulate the right accessories

Cycling Equipment

Although you will need safety equipment from the jump, other bicycle accessories like helmet cameras and performance monitoring devices like bicycle power meters should only be bought when needed to minimize wastage. First make sure that you are into cycling and then upgrade you bike using the necessary accessories.

: As stated above, safety should always be your number one concern when going out cycling. This is especially so when you have your child hooked on a bicycle child seat. Read on to learn about the available options.

Bicycle Helmet Cover: a good bicycle helmet will cost you a pretty penny. Use a bicycle helmet cover to protect the helmet from the degrading effects of the weather among other uses. Read on for more information.

Biking Sunglasses: Another highly functional component of cycling equipment, these are not meant for aesthetic purposes alone but come with different properties for better and safe cycling. Read on to learn about your options.

Bicycle Water Bottle Cage: You will need this bicycle accessory if you intend to carry a bicycle water bottle for on road hydration. Read here to learn about the best fit for you.

Cycling Backpack: These are used to conveniently house all your supplies while cycling. However, the wide variety available might be confusing if you have no idea of what to look out for. Learn more on our dedicated page.

Mountain Bike Helmets: Mountain biking can be quite demanding. Use a specially designed helmet for mountain biking and ride with the necessary confidence to outshine your cycling buddies.

Bike Helmet Mirror: Keeping your eyes on the road while cycling is essential for safety purposes. A bike helmet mirror is specifically designed to help with this and more.

Bicycle Helmets: Make sure that you ride in safety by using a helmet when on your bike. Read on for more information on how to choose the best one.

Bicycle Water Bottle: Cycling is a grueling affair especially where long bike trips are involved. Use this piece of cycling equipment to carry water for hydration during this time. Learn more about the available variety here.

Carry More with Cycling Bags and Racks

Bicycle Panniers: One of the main benefits of using bicycle panniers is the fact that you get to load up all that you need on the bike frame instead of our back. This not only enhances your comfort when riding but also increases the amount of cargo you can carry.

Bicycle Rear Rack: Bike rear racks are among the most versatile piece of cycling equipment as it can carry a passenger, cargo or act as the support for bicycle panniers. To learn more about them, read on.

Bicycle Baskets: For a stylish and classic look to your bicycle, use a bicycle basket to carry your luggage.

Bicycle Car Racks: For those who like travelling with their bicycles to ride in faraway places, a car bicycle rack is a great idea.

Bicycle Shipping Box: Alternatively, if you are going to trust a third party in handling your bike transportation needs, then a high quality bicycle shipping box is what you need.

Bicycle Saddle Bags: These are suited to carrying bicycle maintenance kits or any supplies that tend to be small in size.

Front Bike Rack: Similar to rear bike racks, these ones can be used to directly carry cargo or provide support for the attachment of front bike panniers.

Bicycle Handlebar Bag: Handlebar bags are usually suited to carrying items that you will need to get your hands on while cycling. These bags come in a wide variety for the best consumer freedom and satisfaction.

Generating Power and Illuminating your Bike

Bicycle Dynamos: These are also referred to as bicycle generators. They are designed to produce power for bicycle lighting needs. However, today’s designs can also charge mobile devices as well. Use the information in our guide to make a more informed decision.

Bicycle Head Lights: For those who like to ride in the peaceful nighttime hours or anticipate being caught out in the dark while commuting by bicycle from work, bicycle headlights will help you maintain great road visibility even in the dark.

LED Bike Lights: LED lighting systems are the most energy efficient systems available. They are mostly used in enhancing the bicycle’s visibility in poorly lit riding conditions. You can get more information on these must have lighting systems before making your purchase.

Bicycle Lights: These come in a wide variety depending on the cyclist’s needs. We have compiled the different types and their suitable applications in one useful resource.

Cycling Equipment: Video Cameras

Reviews on Helmet Video Cameras: It’s always recommended that you conduct some research before slashing on new purchases. We have a page of useful cycling video camera reviews meant to guide you to the best camera for your needs.

Helmet Video Cameras: These cameras are great for capturing the cycling action around you in a stable and high quality recording.

Cheap Helmet Cameras: Given that you may damage you helmet video camera easily, it is best to opt for cheap options and avoid high losses.

Cycling Equipment to Monitor Performance

Bike Speedometers: These devices are designed to keep track of your cycling speed, distance and even time. They come in a wide variety, with the best being covered here.

Bicycle Power Meter: Efficient cycling is all about transferring power to the tires from your pedaling action, for this you will need effective cycling power meters.

Cycling GPS: Make sure that you can always find your way when cycling through unfamiliar cities and trails with cycling GPS devices. The best ones come with a host of additional useful features.

Where to Buy Cycling Equipment?

If you are interested in buying cycling equipment you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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