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Adult Bicycle Helmet Types

The wearing of adult bicycle helmets is a controversial subject in many places. Some folks believe that helmets are expensive, un-stylish, and unnecessary.

Even if I wore a helmet, some ask, would it really even save my life?

I used to be one of the people asking these questions, but personal experience has changed my mind forever.

Although many people think otherwise or just choose to ignore it, wearing adult bicycle helmets is vital. Safety is the number one consideration when it comes to road use, many people always use safety belts when riding in vehicles, similarly helmets should be used when riding on bikes.

Bicycle Helmet Build

A bicycle helmet comes with a simple yet essential design. The outer shell is made of a hard plastic meant to prevent any puncture on impact, hold the helmet together and slide easily on surfaces upon impact. The other important part is the liner made of polystyrene foam. Its main job is to absorb the shock on impact. These two parts are fused together either using glue or in-mold construction which is a process that eliminates the use of glue.

How Do Adult Bicycle Helmets Work

Did you know…?

Adult Bicycle Helmets

Did you know that wearing a helmet increases bike riding safety?

Research findings over the years have indicated that using a helmet can save your life in the event you go into an accident. Adults are notorious for not wearing helmets. Research findings indicate that up 80% of all bicycle accident related deaths involve adults; in these cases, as high as 90% of cyclists who are not wearing helmets die from head injuries.

A helmet is supposed to offer protection from impact with other objects such as cars, trees and the ground. As such, it is important to ensure that the helmet is snugly fitted on your head. It should cover large parts of your head when worn properly.

The straps on a helmet are designed to hold it in place even after hitting more than one object during a fall or accident. The main part which offers shock absorption capabilities is the collapsible polystyrene foam.

It absorbs shock by collapsing without regaining its initial form afterwards. This avoids any transmission of force to the head and brain where fatal damage would result.

How Should a Bicycle Helmet be worn for Maximum Protection?

Helmets should be worn snugly for a perfect fit.

  • First ensure that the helmet is positioned level to the ground without tilting backwards or forward.
  • Secondly, the straps should be tightened enough to hold the helmet in position preventing any substantial movement through pulling and twisting of the helmet.
  • When you move your jaws you should feel the tension of the straps, but it should not be uncomfortable.

Don’t Believe this about Helmets

  • “Helmets are not stylish”: Helmets can be made to look attractive by various designs, colors and decorative patterns.

  • “Helmets don’t need replacement”: Over time helmets can be damaged by accidents, wear and tear, exposure to weather and heat among others. It should be replaced immediately after accidents and every five years when accident free.
  • “The more the vents the better”: Actually the opposite is true, the fewer the vents the more protective cover you enjoy.
  • “Helmets are expensive”: There are different types of helmets available. The multipurpose variety is affordable and satisfies safety standards.
  • “I don’t need a helmet”: This is not true, of all bicycle deaths; over 90% are found not wearing helmets. Studies indicate that helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 85%. The numbers speak for themselves.

Avoid Borrowing or Lending out Adult Bicycle Helmets

Owning and using a bicycle helmet is essential in ensuring that you stay safe even in the event you were to be involved in a cycling accident. However, it is not advisable to lend out your helmet to others for use. Borrowing or lending out bicycle helmets can be risky since it is very difficult to detect any damage on the helmets structure. Riding with a damaged helmet is very risky as it might not offer any protection against falls and knocks during riding accidents.

Deciding on the Best Adult Bicycle Helmet to Buy

When you decide to go out and buy a helmet for cycling, the main factor to consider is the safety offered by the available options. The helmet should first meet safety standards. Secondly, the helmet should fit perfectly; fit affects the safety of use. While at the bike shop, fit the helmets available and use the straps to hold them in place snugly. Try your best to pull it off your head to see how well it holds up to this. There are numerous helmets ideal for different bike riding styles including:

  • The light Advantage 2 helmet by Giro is specifically suited to racing.
  • Bell’s Faction Bike Helmet bears a stylish design while Bern’s watts Helmet is simpler and looks similar to what skateboarders use. Both are suited to BMX mountain biking.
  • Downhill biking on the other hand is suited to a fuller helmet such as the Bell Drop BMX/Downhill Helmet.
  • More seasoned riders who love cycling most of the time are better suited to the Schwinn Adult Thrasher Helmet which comes in a small and ventilated design.

What to Look For When Buying an Adult Helmet

  • Quality: In the USA a CPSC sticker indicates that the helmet has satisfied all the safety standards as outlined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

  • Fit: A perfectly fitting helmet with fitting straps that adjust to hold it snugly in place is worth every penny. Do the fitting before purchase and test it out while fitted to ensure the straps hold snugly but comfortably.
  • Ventilation holes: Cycling is best enjoyed in great weather when the sun is out. However it is on such weather that cycling for long periods wearing a helmet can become uncomfortable; ventilation becomes essential. However a balance should be struck between the number of holes and the effect on safety offered by the remaining shock absorbing and impact resistance structure.
  • Shape and Color: A rounded helmet is recommended over one with sharp corners due to the fact that the corners can cause imbalanced shock distribution during falls. Bright colors on the other hand make the cyclist more visible to traffic.

Do not buy a Helmet With…

  • Narrow Straps: These are very uncomfortable especially when tightened to ensure the helmet fits snugly.
  • Tan lines: These come about as a result of the peculiar shape of the ventilation holes. A helmet liner however can be used to eliminate them.
  • Dark Helmets: These types of helmets reduce your visibility to other road users making it easy to get into an accident.
  • Style Over Safety: Many people think that aerodynamically shaped helmets offer great gains in speed but other than those participating in Tour de France the gains are marginal and of no use. The sharp edges on the helmets make it easier for the helmet to get reaped off during an accident or rotate awkwardly causing further injury during falls and accidents.

Helmets for Road Racers

Adult Bicycle Helmets

Most road racing helmets are designed with the team colors of those participating in the Tour de France with a perfect example being the Giro Atmos Bike Helmet. These helmets have a light design and perfect design that lets you forget they are even there.

Note that as the helmet becomes lighter and the ventilation holes increase, up goes the price as well.

Best Helmets for the Trail

Adult Bicycle Helmets

When it comes to extreme biking, the nature of the risks faced calls for a more capable adult bicycle helmet. Cross country bicycling comes with less demanding needs and riders can keep safe with regular road cycling helmets with numerous vents.

This is enough to help you survive a mountain biking accident unscathed. However for Extreme Mountain biking more specialized equipment is available.

On the other hand, downhill biking calls for a more capable motorcycle style full helmet. These helmets also include some sort of face protection measure like chin guards as well. The Uvex Xenova helmet more than delivers on its promise offering protection as well as being so light you forget it’s there.

Places you can Buy Adult Bicycle Helmets

Due to the crucial nature of adult bicycle helmets, I recommend buying them at stores so that you get ample chance to inspect the build and quality. This also offers the opportunity to test how strong and comfortable the straps are. Alternatively, these can be bought online with eBay, and being my recommended online stores.

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Where to Buy Adult Bicycle Helmets?

If you are interested in buying adult bicycle helmets you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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Adult Bicycle Helmets

“Use these health tips, and you can arrange yourself
many years of enjoyable & safe bike riding.”

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