Bicycle Child Seat
Bicycle Child Seat
Bicycle Child Seat

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If you are a cycling enthusiast, this will be one of the things you will want to share with your new born child; and a bicycle child seat makes it possible and safe. Instead of leaving your child under the care of someone else when going out cycling, why not share this experience with them by taking them along for the ride. All that you need is the right bicycle child seat and some experience.

What are the Different Types of Bicycle Child Seats?

If you are considering buying a bicycle child seat it is important to begin by learning the available options. There are two main types of child seats:

Rear Mounted Child Seat

Bicycle Child Seat

Rear mounted seats are the more common type of child bicycle seats due to the fact that they can hold higher weights easily. A rear mounted seat is usually mounted on a bicycle rack attached to the rear wheel axle. The seat may also be attached to the seat tube as well for added support. These seats come with leg guards, and a harness, high back and raised sides to keep the child safely secured.

Benefits: These seats are easier to find and take heavier loads easily.

Drawbacks: Since the child is seated behind you, it is not possible to interact with them as easily and smoothly. Your child’s fingers also run the risk of getting stuck in the bicycle seat’s spring visible from the rear; look for a way to cover up the springs to prevent any contact.

Front Mounted Child Seat

Bicycle Child Seat

Front mounted bicycle child seats are usually mounted in front of the rider, between them and the steering bar. The rider has the seat in between their arms when holding the handlebars.

A front mounted bicycle child seat does not hamper the rider’s vision and also keeps the child in the rider’s view. You can also talk easily with your child while riding around keeping them comfortable and even preoccupied if riding makes them nervous. Although front mounted child seats are preferred by most parents, they are not easy to find.

Benefits: Alloys you to keep your child in view and monitor what they are doing easily.

Drawbacks: They affect the riding and handling by placing a substantial load close to the handlebars. Tall riders may also feel uncomfortable riding splayed to avoid knocking their knees against the seat.

Whichever bicycle child seat you prefer, the main factors to consider are the quality and fit for the safest and most comfortable ride.

Did you know…?

Bicycle Child Seat

Did you know that keeping your child’s feet restrained is essential?

Foot injuries are among the most common injuries that children sustain while being carried around on a bicycle. Children like swinging their feet around and can knock them against the bike frame or even worse get caught in the wheels.

Feet restraint straps are a great way to keep your child from swinging their feet and avoid such injuries.

What to Look for When Buying Child Seats?

When you go out shopping for a bicycle child seat make sure that you remember to carefully look into the following:

Easy loading and unloading of your child into the seat

Every time you want to put your child on into the bike seat, you will have to hold the bike in a balanced position and also hold your child with your two hands. Make sure that the seat you opt for helps you get this done easily and conveniently.


Safety is should be of the highest concern. As such, make sure that the safety harness on the bicycle child seat is easy enough for you to operate and fasten but difficult for your baby to unfasten. The importance of keeping your child fastened in their seat at all times during riding cannot be further emphasized.


Your child will only want to go out cycling with you if their seat is comfortable. You can take your child with you shopping taking the time to fit them into the seats you would like and get the one that seems most comfortable and accommodates their size.

Standard Certification

Remember that quality and safety is everything here, look for certified children seats under the relevant certifications available in your country.


As simple as they look, child bicycle seats are quite difficult to install. They require harnesses to be bolted into place before the seat itself is fitted onto the bike frame. You can ask the staff at the store selling the seat to install it for you to avoid a situation where you are unable to use the seat due to lack of tools or unclear installation instructions.

Ease and Convenience of Mounting and Dismounting

With your child onboard, you will need to adapt your mounting and dismounting procedure on the bike. Rear mounted seats make this difficult as you just can’t swing your foot over the seat with your child on it. A step through bike frame commonly use on women’s bike is best used in this case.

Some Products to Consider

iBert Safe-T Child Bicycle Seat

Bicycle Child Seat

This is one of the easiest to install bicycle child seats available. Installation can be done in just a few minutes, tool free. It is one of the few front mounted models available and comes with a three point safety harness which is fully adjustable.

The solid leg wells make sure your child stays comfortable with their legs protected from straying out of position. It has a 38 pound weight limit.

WeeRide Kangaroo Child Seat For Bicycle

Bicycle Child Seat

This is a center mounted bicycle child seat i.e. it is positioned between the cyclist and the handlebar. It comes with height adjustable foot cups for perfect fitting of your child depending on their foot length. The steel support bar is designed to fit perfectly without interfering with the bicycle cables.

This product is designed to support children over a year old with a maximum weight of 40 pounds.

CoPilot Limo Child Seat for Bicycle

Bicycle Child Seat

This is by far one of the most comfortable bicycle child seats available today. It comes with gel filled seat padding and a padded overhead restraint bar as well. It is designed with a three point harness and foot restraint straps to keep your child from swinging their feet where they don’t belong.

When you buy this child seat you also get a quick release bike rack as well.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Child Seat?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle child seat you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Buying a Bicycle Child Seat on eBay

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