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What is the Importance of Bicycle Fenders?

If you have ever been caught out cycling in the rain or on a wet surface, and decided to ride through it rather than stopping to avoid it; then you can appreciate the need for bicycle fenders. Bicycle wheels moving at high speeds propel water and mud towards your face, back and bike frame.

For cycling enthusiasts who rely on bicycle commuting on a regular basis, having the right bicycle equipment while riding is necessary. As such, things like bicycle lights, reflectors, a bicycle water bottle cage and fenders come in handy whenever you get caught out in unexpected weather; which is bound to happened more often than not

How to Avoid Getting Road Spray all Over Your bike and Cycling Clothes?

A Quick Fix – Snap-on/Clip-on Fenders

Bicycle Fenders

When it comes to protecting yourself, cycling clothes and even the bike frame from wet road surface spray, you will find that people choose various options. For instance simple plastic pieces attached to the seat post and down pipe can be used to minimize road spray. However this only offers partial protection.

These types of fenders are only good enough for mountain bikes as they are easy to remove when not needed. On the other hand you will find that there are better fender designs suited to commuter and road racing bikes.

The Best Fix – Full-length Fenders

Bicycle Fenders

These fenders are designed to cover most of the bicycle wheels. They usually cover at least 180 degrees of the bicycle tire. They do well to catch road spray kicked up by the rapid rotation of bicycle tires.

These fenders are mainly suited to bicycles not used in racing as they can add a bit of weight to the bike; something that would matter in serious road racing circumstances. They are either made of plastic or metal. Since with great care fenders rarely suffer any damage, both varieties can last for long periods of use offering owners great value for service. From personal experience, I can state that the plastic variety can last for years without any issues.

Did you know…?

Bicycle Fenders

Did you know that clip-on bicycle fenders are best for racing bikes?

If you regularly use you bike for racing purposes, then adding any weight might affect your cycling speed albeit marginally. Clip on bicycle fenders offer a great choice for such users as they can be fitted when absolutely necessary and removed for a lighter bike when not required.

Do Bicycle Fenders Affect the Fitting/Mounting of Racks?

Bicycle fenders are usually installed below bicycle racks and any attached panniers. As such, one needs to consider how everything will fit into place. It is also worth considering that not all bicycles come designed to accommodate bicycle fenders and some customizing needs to be done to get them to fit nicely. However when everything is done to perfection, and the fenders are in place, a bicycle rack is installed and waterproof panniers attached, all you need is the proper cycling clothes to ride come rain or shine.

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