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Bicycle Generators
Bicycle Generators

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If you have decided to be commuting by bicycle, a bicycle light generator will help you ride in the night without the need to buy rechargeable batteries or their disposable alkaline counterparts. These generators help produce clean energy to power visibility lights for safe riding.

How do Bike Generators Operate?

Bicycle generators are used to produce electricity to run front and rear bicycle lights. These generators produce energy when they are propelled by the turning motion of bicycle tires. Bicycle dynamo generators produce light by the simple peddling action, something you will always do when you are cycling and hence are very convenient. Some can even be used to charge rechargeable batteries and cellphones for more versatility. Take a look at these Bicycle Dynamo Generators.

Types of Bicycle Light Generators

When you go out shopping for a bicycle generator it is important to note that there are two main types of generators i.e. Sidewall generators and hub generators.

Hub Generators

Bicycle Generators

These bicycle generators are usually built into the bicycle’s front wheel hub. Their distinct design appeals to many cyclists.


  • Concealed: Hub generators are built into the wheel hub and stay hidden from the naked eye leaving your bike frame clear from any clutter.
  • Weather resistant: Hub generators are conveniently shielded from the effects of the weather, dust and other external damaging effects.
  • No effect on the tires: These Dynamos are located in the wheel hub and hence don’t even come into contact with the tire.
  • Efficient: The fact that there is no friction with the tire involved means that they have a higher level of efficiency.


  • Installation: Since these dynamos must be fitted within the wheel hub, some technical skills are required during installation.
  • Relatively Expensive: Hub generators are relatively expensive compared to sidewall generators due to their distinct build.

Sidewall/Bottle Generators

Bicycle Light Generator

Traditionally, this is the most common type of bicycle generators available. They are shaped like small bottles, and are referred to as bottle generators in some regions around the world. These generators are designed to work by coming into contact with the bicycle tire. They are attached to the bike frame using brackets. Today, sidewall generators are efficient, well designed and most importantly easier on tires.


  • Easy to install: Sidewall generators are very easy to install as compared to their hub mounted counterparts. Most cyclists can do this by themselves.
  • On demand power: These dynamos are mounted on a frame that allows for disengagement and engagement with the wheel for on-demand power.
  • Small and Light: These dynamos are the lightest and smallest variety there is.


  • Affect tires: Since these dynamos come into contact with the tire to work they can wear out lightweight tires.
  • Maintenance: They are located next to the wheel where they get a lot of road spray making in necessary to clean them regularly.
  • Durability: Although there are some fairly durable models out there, some are only good for several thousand miles.

Did you know…?

Bicycle Generators

Did you know that hub generators are always producing electricity?

For those using hub generators on their bikes, it is advisable to buy an automatic light sensitive switch to make sure that the light goes off during the day. These generators cannot be disengaged and lighting the light bulb all the time will reduce its lifespan.

Where to Buy Bicycle Generators?

If you are interested in buying bicycle generators you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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Buying Bicycle Generators on eBay

Tips on Using Bicycle Generators

  • To reach the maximum level of output most bicycle generators require you to be cycling at 12-15 miles per hour.
  • Bicycle generators are rated with an output of between 3-6 watts.
  • Most of the generators available for sale generate 6V with a few rated at 12V.

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