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With bicycle GPS, cycling has become more performance oriented, assisted by high level information processing capabilities. Bicycle GPS systems do not just offer the rider information about where they are in terms of geographical location but also provide a host of useful cycling performance related data.

Why You Need a Bicycling GPS Unit?

If you have not been using a bicycle GPS and frankly wonder what it can do for you, please read on for more information.


For those who like cycling along back roads and hidden trails, a bicycle GPS unit is invaluable. These trails can be confusing since the usually have no discernable landmarks. A GPS system helps mark out a path before you get on your bike, and keeps triangulating your position to show you where you are at all times.


If you like riding over long distances to far away destinations, it is expected that you will have problems with the new geographical layout of the land. A bicycle GPS system can help you store maps of such areas and therefore offer up a way of finding your bearings in unfamiliar locations. Some come with huge internal memory while others accommodate SD cards.

Cycling Performance Data

When cycling a lot of data can be collected; the rate of pedaling i.e. cadence, heart rate and latitude can all be captured by sensors around the bicycle and the body of the rider and displayed on the GPS screen. This data can also be saved and analyzed later for a better view of the rider’s performance.

City Bicycle Commuting

Street level mapping can help you find your bearings easily and fast when riding in a new city. Navman’s SmartST is one of the most highly recommended software which allows the rider to pre-planned cycling routes into the GS unit. Magellan’s Mapsend Topo is also great at this.

Features to Look Out For When Shopping for a Bicycle GPS Unit

The market is literally flooded with different types of bicycle GPS units all offering different features to users. Below we will look at some important features to consider when shopping for your new bicycle GPS.

Mounting Mechanism

The best GPS unit should come with an easy to fit bicycle mount. The mount should be designed to keep the unit secure and well positioned for easy viewing while ridding.

Sensitivity Range

Bicycle GPS units need to receive signals from satellites in space to triangulate locations, this means that they should have high signal sensitivity. Units that are used to receive other signals from sensors around the bike and the rider’s body should also be highly sensitive. It is recommended that you opt for units with 12 channel receivers.

External Storage Support/Memory Card

To help you always find your way wherever you find yourself cycling, you will have to download numerous maps on the GPS unit. This requires access to a reasonable amount of internal memory which should be supplemented by external memory as well.

Mapping Capability

Many cyclists like to explore the outdoors while on their bikes. A GPS unit is essential in helping you explore areas you are interested in. A unit with mapping capability will help you download pre-planned maps for easier navigation.

Voice Control

Although most GPS units guide you to your destination using beeps to signal how close you are to the destination, one with voice prompts can be even better. This can help you operate the device hands free while riding.

Battery Life

Most cyclists who require GPS units cycle in rarely used roads and would be at a loss if their unit’s batteries went flat in the middle of nowhere. Look for a unit with long battery life and some spare batteries as well to make sure it stays on.

Is it Water Proof?

When spending time outdoors, there is a chance of being caught out in the rain. A waterproof unit will continue functioning effectively even in wet conditions.

Screen Visibility in the Dark and Sunlight

Another important consideration to keep in mind is how easy to read the device is. A larger screen which is clearly visible under the sun’s glare and in the dark is the best choice.

Extra Features

Basic GPS units only indicate direction when on the move; however, one equipped with a compass will show direction even when standing still. An altitude sensor indicates the height above sea level.

Did you know…?

Bicycle GPS

Did you know that your smartphone can double up as a GPS unit?

Smartphones are highly capable computing devices. With the right GPS app you can be able to enjoy the same features you find on a dedicated GPS device on your phone. The only downside however is that since to achieve this means the phone screen might have to stay on the entire time, the battery will go flat sooner than during regular use.

How to Find out What You Need?

Before buying a GPS unit you will need to be wholly sold on whether you actually need it and how you will use it. There are numerous different GPS units available out there and sifting through each can be quite stressful for cyclists. To help you out with your decision I have done the sifting for you and identified some of the best units available.

I keep getting lost, how can I find my way?

  • It comes with 24 MB of internal memory to load and store maps and locations. The USB compatibility helps get this done as fast as possible.
  • It has a find location feature which allows you to easily look up and find locations stored in the device.
  • The track log feature logs all previous routes taken for easier tacking back if you need to.

I frequently travel to new destinations, how do I find my bearings?

Here you will need a unit that provides you with basic features in mapping and navigation. You can be able to find very affordable units with the following features:

  • In built Barometric altimeter.
  • Mark location feature helps you store locations in case you want to find them in future.
  • Track log feature helps capture your route as you move to give you a guide moving backwards in case you find that you have to track back.
  • Find Location feature helps you look up and find location in the installed base map.
  • Micro SD support helps you store more maps and even workout routines for use when you need it.
  • Sunrise and sunset time indicator helps you have a general time reference.

Do you think your cycling style requires all the Features?

Bicycle GPS

Just as the name suggests this is a cycling computer. It offers riders more than geographical triangulation. It can track cycling speed; distance travelled and subsequently calculates the average speed.

Interestingly it can use the information collected on distance and speed to calculate how much time you have to cover a given stretch of terrain. Some of its features include:

  • It automatically records distance travelled, the speed, calories burned, and even the climb or decent you are facing.
  • It is easily readable in the sunlight by eliminating the glare effect.
  • Come with a Micro SD slot for increased memory space for more maps.

Where to Buy a Bicycle GPS?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle GPS you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

The Final Word on Cycling GPS Systems

If you like city biking, or in off-road areas with clearly marked trails, you can probably enjoy the best that cycling has to offer without excess gadgetry. However, if you are the adventurous kind of rider who likes cross country bicycling and who actively seeks the unblazed trail, a bicycle gps unit might be just what you need to make the ride safer, and to make the unknown a little more known.

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