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A bicycle handlebar bag is simply a bag attached to the handlebars meant to carry your belongings. They come in a variety of sizes depending on the nature and size of the items to be carried around. Bicycle handlebar bags can be used to carry anything from your cellphone to snacks and small bike repair kits. They can come with anything from a few pockets to an elaborate number of pockets for organization purposes.

Importance of a Bicycle Handlebar bag

When it comes to determining who needs bicycle a handlebar bag, it is important to consider the type of riding they will be engaging in and thus determine their storage requirements.

For instance, downhill biking and Freeride Mountain biking are two cycling disciplines where the need for storage is negligible. However, when it comes to bicycling tours all this changes and the higher the storage capacity of your bicycle the better it gets. A handlebar bag can be used in conjunction with bicycle saddlebags and regular cycling backpacks.

Here, a handlebar bag is normally used to hold the items you regularly use during riding. For instance since I really like recording mini movies while touring, I usually keep my camera in my bike’s handlebar bag. From this location, I can easily retrieve it every time I see something worth recording. I can also easily dismount the bag when I park my bike and want to go on a stroll around new towns and sites. This is convenient as compared to using bicycle panniers. For those who are interested in watching my cycling movies, you can find them here.

Storage Uses of a Handlebar Bag

Did you know…?

Bicycle Handlebar Bag

Did you know that handlebar bags can interfere with the bike cables?

When buying a bicycle handlebar bag, remember to look for one that fits easily without interfering with the bicycle cables. This is important because any interference can cause bicycle brakes to malfunction and endanger the rider as well as other road users.

The handlebar bag is one of the highly versatile storage items you can have on your bicycle. Anything you would like to retrieve quickly and conveniently without having to stop to access the bicycle panniers is stored here.

This includes useful electronic devices such as, cellphones and cameras. Many people today take their smartphones everywhere they go. The fact that these phones can be used for a variety of uses makes them essential for users and keeping them close will help you pick up calls faster.

During bicycle tours, cameras (either video or still) can be used to capture stunning landscapes and fun times. The quick access granted by storing your camera in the handlebar bag is vital in helping you capture events as they occur as fast as possible.

Another important thing you can store in the handlebar bag is you cycling map. If you are cycling in unfamiliar terrain, a cycling map comes in handy. However, it can be quite inconvenient to have to keep going back to your cycling backpack or panniers to retrieve it the countless times you will need it. Other cycling items and equipment which can be stored in a handlebar bag include:

Do Handlebar Bags Come With any Drawbacks?

As useful as bicycle handlebar bags are useful to the modern cyclist, they have some associated drawbacks. The main consideration here is how the handlebar bag affects the handling of your bicycle. Remember that handlebar is used for steering and placing weight on it will resultantly affect the rider’s ability to steer. For instance placing too much weight on your bike’s front wheel is bound to make a difference in how it responds to steering action. Attaching large handlebar bags not suited to your bicycle can have an effect how far you can actually steer.

What to Consider when Shopping for a Handlebar Bag?

Not all handlebar bags are the same. And it is important to remember that to get the right one for your needs requires taking time to ponder on some vital considerations.


It is important to consider how well the chosen handlebar bag will fit your bike. Here it is necessary to mention that different bicycles come with different handle bar style/design. Choosing a handlebar bag which does not suit you bike’s design means that you will have problems mounting it on the bike.


Most handlebar bags act as portable bags for cyclists who use them to store things they need quick access to. This calls for easy detachability especially knowing that your hands will be cold and tired after cycling. However the bag should also hold on to the handlebar steadily during riding.


The only reason people buy handlebar bags is to get a storage space that is easy to access. This means the bag should be easy to open and close with one hand as you continue cycling; and should have pockets facing the rider as well.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Handlebar Bag?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle handlebar bag you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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Last Word About Bicycle Handlebar Bag

Although bicycle handle bar bags are not for everyone, they offer useful storage space for both those who use their bicycles for commuting and cycling tours. The fact that they are easy to dismount means they can be used to ferry things you need with you at all times.

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