Bicycle Handlebar Tape
Bicycle Handlebar Tape
Bicycle Handlebar Tape

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Bicycle handlebar tape is usually used for increasing the rider’s grip on the handle bars as well as protecting the handlebars from extensive wear and tear. Today, more and more riders are looking to this tape for its vital uses.

How to Wrap Handlebar Tape

Bicycle handle bar tape is essential in providing a better gripping surface for riders. With it at times being the only thing between the rider’s hands and the hard steel it can be essential in avoiding slippage during cycling. Many riders also use the tape to provide a warmer surface to grab on cold mornings or even days.

It is important to have some knowledge in how to wrap the tape around the handlebars so as to avoid any unnecessary wastage or weak wraps. Below we will look at some useful tips in wrapping handlebar tape. First and foremost you need to know that there are two types of handlebar tape, these are adhesive and non-adhesive tape. Since these have different characteristics they follow slightly different wrapping procedures.

1st Step

Create space by adjusting brake and gear levers from their position. Any tape previously used on the handlebars should be removed and the handlebars completely cleaned for better application and strength.

2nd Step

Wrap the tape from the inside running outwards in clockwise direction from the center of the handlebars. This will help you to keep the tape in place especially for the non-adhesive variety with the rider’s gripping force.

Final Step

When wrapping the adhesive tape, continue wrapping past the brake levers spreading it out nicely to ensure it not only goes all the way but also maintains an appealing shape. When you get to the end of the handlebars cut out around two inches of the tape and stick it into the handlebars and replace the cap.

If you are using non-adhesive tape you should wrap the tape up to the brake levers where you can then proceed to wrap around them to provide secure fastening of the tape. Continue past the brakes to the edge of the handlebars and then cut out two inches of the tape and stash it into the handlebar. You should then replace the handlebar cap to secure the tape.

Tip: Buy the best tape you can afford

Bicycle Handlebar Tape

EVA foam bicycle handlebar tape is great at enhancing your grip on the handlebars and retains its padding over an extended period of time. It is also known to tear less easily.

Bicycle Handlebar Tape Materials


Gel inserts are usually included in some handlebar tapes so as to provide the best comfort when riding. The gel is able to assume the rider’s grip for a better fit.


This material breathes better under sweaty hands as compared to other tape materials as well as providing for a firm grip. It is mainly used on top of EVA foam.

EVA foam

This material is also used on running shoes for its comfort enhancement capabilities. it is durable and comfy.

Buying a Bicycle Handlebar Tapes Online

You can find high-quality handlebar tapes online. Take a look at these quality online stores:

Bicycle Handlebar Tape
Bicycle Handlebar Tape

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