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Whether you are an adult racer or have a kid on a tricycle, bicycle head lights are an important feature to have. These lights are important in not only lighting up your path and helping you see the road surface clearly, but also help keep you visible to other road users as well. Night time cycling is common not only with people who choose commuting by bicycle as their main mode of transport but also to others who like the cool air and quieter riding environment. Having a bicycle head light is important in keeping you safe and helps you avoid accidents while biking at night.

Tip: Bicycle headlights go hand in hand with rear lights

Bicycle Head Lights

Bicycle headlights are quite useful when it comes to riding safely. However, it is not safe to use the lights without their rear counterparts, bicycle tail lights. Using both together will help you enjoy great visibility to all road users behind and in front of you.

Some of the available Options for Bicycle Head Lights Include:

3 LED Bicycle Light with Quick Cam Bracket Mount

Bicycle Head Lights

If you find yourself cycling in the dark then you will probably want this bicycle head light. It comes with three eXtreme LED lights which light-up around 3000 feet in front powered by 2 AA batteries guaranteed to last over 100 hours of use. The light attaches to the handle bars using the Quick Cam bracket mount for easy and tool less mounting and removal. It has a steady and flashing light mode for use in different circumstances.

Planet Bike Blaze 2Watt LED Headlight

Bicycle Head Lights

Different night time cycling situations call for different lighting intensity as provided for by this multi-mode bicycle head light. Riders can move from high to low power beams depending on their cycling needs. The SuperFlash flash mode produces a high intensity light burst clearly visible at night and daytime as well. It comes with tool-free Quick Cam mounting as well.

CygoLite Expilion USB Rechargeable LED Bike Headlights

Bicycle Head Lights

If you are regularly caught outside cycling in the dark or heavy fog, then this light is definitely for you. It comes with 6 different light modes and is the brightest of the Cygolite variety. To emit its highly powerful beam it comes with an easy release USB rechargeable battery. The light also comes with both handlebar and helmet mounts demonstrating that it is built for cyclists determined to get to their destination no matter the natural lighting conditions.

As clearly seen from the above selection, bicycle headlights come in a wide variety all specially designed for use in different circumstances. To make the best choice when shopping, keenly consider you riding needs.

Where to Buy Bicycle Head Lights?

If you are interested in buying bicycle head lights you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:


Depending on the frequency of your night bicycle riding escapades, riding style and terrain, there are different bicycle head lights available to match the distinct needs. Take your time to educate yourself on the available variety so as to make the most informed bicycle head light purchase. Our bicycle lights page offers more insight.

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