Bicycle Helmet Cover
Bicycle Helmet Cover
Bicycle Helmet Cover

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If you own an expensive bicycle helmet with air vents included in its design and have been caught in the rain you will appreciate the need for a bicycle helmet cover. The best bicycle helmet cover should be of the highest quality and serve the purpose it was bought for over an extended period of time.

How essential is a Bicycle Helmet Cover?

There are many cyclists who think that helmet covers are not essential and that they are merely an item of luxury. This could not be further from the truth as will be discovered after going through this informative piece on bicycle helmet covers. Below you will find a detailed list of the benefits of owning and using a bicycle helmet cover.

Maintain the Condition of your helmet

Regardless of the type of helmet you own, it is important to keep it in great condition due to the necessity of an effective bicycle helmet. A helmet cover will keep the helmet concealed from the weathering effects of the elements.

Helmet covers also keep all sorts of dirt and grime from coming into contact with the helmet and therefore eliminating the need to regularly clean the helmet in a bid to keep it attractive and looking new.

Keep Your Head Dry

Most people don’t see the need for helmet covers especially given that these covers cover up the all so important ventilation holes on their helmets. However, bicycle helmet covers are made of materials that allow heat, air and perspiration to pass though while preventing the entry of water into the ventilation holes. As such, while cycling in the rain you will not have to put up with water dripping down your head coming in from the ventilation holes.

Aesthetic Appeal

Bicycle helmets come in a narrow range of colors depending on the brand; however, bicycle helmet covers come in a wide variety of colors and appealing designs to spice up your helmet’s appearance.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Helmet Cover

To enjoy the benefits of using bicycle helmet covers as listed above it is important to buy one. Below we will look at the factors to consider when it comes to buying your first helmet cover.

Waterproof Properties

Helmet covers provide riders with the benefit of preventing water from entering the air vents while still maintaining breathability. For instance the Pearl Izumi Barrier WxB Helmet Cover keeps water out without restricting airflow through the air vents.

Durability with Regular Use

You always get value equal to the price you pay, this holds true for bicycle helmet covers as well. The cheaper they are the lower the quality and the shorter their lifespan. Cheap helmet covers are known to rip when being fitted on helmets. Quality helmet covers are made with high tensile strength fabric. For instance the Jandd Helmet cover is made with 200 Nylon Oxford to ensure that it fits well even on marginally larger helmets.

Visibility on the Road and Trail

Helmet covers as previously stated can be used to enhance the appearance of regular helmets. They have a wider variety in terms of decorative patterns and colors. It is also important to note that loud colors can also be used to enhance cycling safety by making you more visible. Alternatively the Sugoi Zap Helmet Cover is designed to bear reflective properties for better visibility.

User Friendliness

To avoid returning your new helmet cover due to a poor fit, it is important to consider whether the design supports one fit for all like the drawstring design employed by the Gore Bike Wear Power Helmet Neon Cover. The design should be easy to put on and remove from a helmet while still being firmly secured as well. Generally bike helmet covers can have a drawstring or a shower cap style tension band to keep them tightly fixed on the helmet ad avid being removed by the onrushing wind.

Tip: Enhance your helmet’s appeal using a bicycle helmet cover

Bicycle Helmet Cover

Many adults usually shun wearing bicycle helmets due to their unappealing look; however bicycle helmet covers come in some interesting and appealing designs which can be used to create a more appealing look.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Helmet Cover?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle helmet cover you can buy them on

Bicycle Helmet Cover
Bicycle Helmet Cover
Bicycle Helmet Cover

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