Bicycle Helmet Mirror
Bicycle Helmet Mirror
Bicycle Helmet Mirror

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A bicycle helmet is one of the most important cycling equipment available; it can also double up as a support for another similarly important piece of equipment referred to as a bicycle helmet mirror. Previously dismissed as an unnecessary attachment, this novel idea is catching on with most manufacturers designing their own variation due to its demand from the bike riding community.

Let’s Define What a Helmet Mirror Is

A bicycle helmet mirror is simply a mirror attached to the helmet used to provide the cyclist with the ability to get a view of what is happening behind them without turning the head too much. This may sound surprising to those used to bicycle mirrors normally mounted on the bicycle handlebars, however these tend to be better suited to some specific applications; one such application is to avoid the bouncy effect on bicycle mirrors mounted on the handlebars when riding off-road.

Why should you use a Bicycle Helmet Mirror?

Improved Rear View

  • Traditionally cyclists have to develop the skill to take their eyes off the road and turn back to see what is happening behind them.
  • The act of truing to the side and using peripheral vision to see behind you can be tiring and somewhat dangerous as you have to take your eyes off the road.
  • Handlebar mirrors are often obstructed by the rider’s arm.
  • With the helmet mirror all the rider needs to do is turn their head out just slightly and get a clear view of what is happening behind them.
  • On the other hand, using the helmet mirror does not obscure the rider’s view in any way.


  • Bicycle helmet mirrors can be used on different bicycles as the helmet can be used for riding on various bikes. This is not the case when compared to handlebar mirrors which are only used on the bike they are mounted on.
  • For those who are fortunate enough to have more than two bikes, and would want to use bicycle mirrors on all their bikes; it can be troublesome, taking the time to remove and then mount handlebar mirrors in between bikes or buy mirrors for each bike.
  • Since most cyclists have one helmet, they can use the bicycle helmet mirrors on different bikes without any hassle.

Resistance to Breakage

  • In comparison to handlebar bicycle mirrors, helmet mirrors tend to be more durable when looking at damage induced by bicycle falls. Every time you bike takes a fall the mirrors attached on the handlebars take massive hits.
  • On the other hand, it is rare for bicycle helmet mirrors are not subjected to many falls unless you fall face first.
  • The breakable arms on which the mirrors attach to the helmet are also handy in reducing the risk of breakage on impact.

Tip: Always keep your eyes on the road in front of you

Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Although the use of a helmet mirror is vital in keeping aware of those around you, make sure that it does not turn into a distraction. If you keep your eyes fixed on the mirror for too long you will end up losing track of where you are heading and end up causing an accident.

Shopping for a Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Attachment Type

  • Bicycle helmet mirrors are usually attached to the helmet via two types of mechanisms.
  • Some use an adhesive lined patch which attaches to the helmet surface; the stronger the adhesive the stronger the attachment. A great example is the plastic Third Eye Helmet Mirror.
  • The other attachment mechanism is through a clamp attached to the edge of the helmet. For instance, the Zefal Z Eye Helmet Mirror is attached to the helmet using tight zip ties for a strong but easy to remove helmet mirror.


  • Helmet mirrors usually protrude from the helmet and therefore exert some level of downward pull on the helmet that is not usually there. If the mirror is significantly heavier the cyclist will know and experience the load. This can lead to uncomfortable and additionally tiring cycling.


  • It is interesting that a helmet mirror as a main part can have the helmet counted as the accessory but it is possible to find helmets already fitted with helmet mirrors. A great example here is the Bell Sports Barbie Child Helmet.
  • You no longer have to deal with the helmet mirror installation yourself.


  • Since helmet mirrors are only attached as one piece on helmets, it is important to factor in flexibility. A flexible structure helps the cyclist adjust the mirror depending on the direction of traffic.
  • For instance the CycleAware Reflex Bicycle Mirror is made of kraton covered wire for 100% flexibility.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Helmet Mirror?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle helmet mirror you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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Buying a Bicycle Helmet Mirror on eBay

Last Word About Using a Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Riding in traffic or even in a racing competition requires you to be aware of your surroundings in all directions. Investing in a bicycle helmet mirror will help you glance backwards without turning back at any point.

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