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Anyone who has been cycling regularly in a city environment can attest to how risky it is especially when riding without a bicycle horn. Bicycle horns and bicycle bells help cyclists alert other road users of their presence and even get them to move out of the way when the rider wants to pass through. Since city streets are known to be very noisy, horns are the best way to ensure everyone hears the sound and is alerted of your presence. Below we will look at some of the most popular bicycles horns today and their features to get a better understanding.

Some Great Suggestions for Bicycle Horns

HONKER 300 Horn Silver

Bicycle Horns

This horn is perfect for someone looking for an appealing and similarly effective bicycle horn. It requires no tools for installation, and is made of chrome plated steel for durability purposes. It has a dual tone that is aptly loud to alert others road users of your presence. For those who are worried that the clamp will leave a scratch on the handlebar, the rubber shim inside is designed to prevent this.

Ventura Bugle Bicycle Air Horn

Bicycle Horns

This high quality bicycle air horn is built to survive even the most demanding use. It is made of chrome plated steel to make sure it is weather resistant. When the black rubber bulb is pressed you can expect to hear up to 93.9 decibels; enough to get road users to notice your presence without being too loud. It attaches to the bicycle handlebars with an easy to install 22mm clip.

Sunlite Super Siren Bicycle Alarm

Bicycle Horns

This is a different type of bicycle horn from those listed above. It comes with 3 preprogrammed sound effects including ambulance, fire engine and police sirens. Powered by a 9 volt battery, it also has a microphone for times when you want to use your own voice to alert other road users of your presence. This feature can be a lot of fun especially for kids. It mounts on to the handle bar center post.

Where to Buy Bicycle Horns?

If you are interested in buying bicycle horns you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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Bicycle horns are essential especially when riding in an urban environment filled with noise. Different bicycle horns have been designed for discerning customers, for more information about these read our bicycle bells page.

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