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Be Seen!

If you regularly ride you bicycle at night than bicycle lights are nothing short of a necessity. These are also necessary for those who refer commuting by bicycle as it is common to be found riding late.

Did you know…?

Bicycle Lights

Did you know that most bicycle lights today are LED lights?

LED lights are the latest technology in lighting and offer brighter light for extended periods of time without the need for more power. Since LED lights do not heat up during use, they tend to use all the energy they draw from the power source as efficiently as possible in producing light.

If you are ever caught out riding at night, it is essential that you have bicycle lights fitted. It is not until you encounter cyclists riding without lights in the dark that you get an idea of how useful bicycle lights are. They make you visible to other road users, making it possible for them to see you clearly. Even with the numerous street lights around, bicycle lights are necessities especially for city cycling. They can be fitted on bicycle helmets, cycling backpacks and bike frames for better visibility. This will keep you out of night time biking accidents.

Maintaining visibility on the road is essential. Using bike lights, brightly visible cycling clothes and other bicycle safety equipment will greatly reduce any risk of getting into any road accidents. Visibility lights can be mounted on the bicycle or fitted on your helmet, backpack or clothes.

Types of Bicycle Lights Available

The main classification of bicycle lights is divided into two depending on where these are mounted.

  • Handlebar mounted lights
  • Helmet mounted lights

Other types of bicycle lights include:

Emergency Bicycle Lights

These are small lights that can be conveniently carried in the rider’s pocket, cycling backpack or handlebar bag when not in use. They are usually not as bright as other bicycle lights and are powered by small button cells. They are great during emergencies like when your normal bicycle light goes dead.


These are a bit larger than emergency lights and can be mounted on the bike frame. Flashers usually flash on and off but can also produce a continuous beam of light as well.

Most flashers are powered by AAA batteries and will serve you over an extended period of time. These lights are great especially for making cyclists visible to other road users in areas lit be street lights.

Torch Style Bicycle Lights

Torches are among the most common types of bicycle lights. These produce a lot more light as compared to the two listed above. In most cases they come in a bundle including rear bicycle flashers for visibility. They use regular AA or AAA cells or rechargeable battery packs. They are easily removable from their mount for other uses.

Rechargeable Bicycle Light Sets

These are best for cyclists who usually go riding at night and are not just looking for better visibility. These sets usually come with a strong light separate from a rechargeable battery. They are capable of illuminating trails and come with a capable battery.

Dynamo Bicycle Lights

If you are looking for bicycle lights that will not trouble you for battery recharge or replacement, then these are you best option. Cyclists usually leave their dynamo bicycle lights on even during the day as the dynamo is usually still running. You can use a unit to store the power produced by the dynamo when the light is off.

Mountain Biking in the Dark

Bicycle Lights

If you plan on rushing down the mountain side in the dark, you will need a strong light to help you see the trail clearly. This can be essential in helping you avoid running into trees and low branches as well as falling into holes.

One of the most popular bicycle lights for such applications is the Blitzu Gator 320 USB Rechargeable Bike Light which has both flashing and continuous lighting modes. It can last 7 hours when set to the latter and a whopping 80 hours when set to the former mode. These lights are best used together with bike reflectors to maximize visibility.

Where to Buy Bicycle Lights?

If you are interested in buying bicycle lights you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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