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If you value your bike and often leave it unattended to outside, you will need a bike lock to protect it from thieves. When you leave your bike outside you expect to find it still there waiting for you when you get back, where this is not the case and it is stolen you will be very frustrated. Having a way to deter thieves from taking off with your treasured bicycle is important to make sure that you always find it where you left it. Below we will look at some ways you can reduce your bicycle’s chances of theft.

How Prevalent is Bike Theft?

In the US, bicycle theft statistics are off the charts; a bicycle is stolen every other minute. If you use your bike regularly, then it would be very frustrating to have it stolen. To prevent this, it is recommended that you use a strong bicycle lock.

While bicycle locks are not always the best in keeping thieves away, you can still follow some steps to make them serve you even better.

  • First you need to register your bike and the serial number with the local police.
  • Avoid leaving your bike in open areas unattended for long periods of time.
  • Get a reliable bike lock to secure it to permanent street fixtures.
  • Make sure you do not leave your bike in suspect/dark areas.

What are the Different types of Bike Locks?

Chain Locks for Bicycles

best bicycle lock

Manufacturers like Kryptonite have designed stronger and more reliable chain locks to use in securing bicycles. These chains have hardened and larger steel links meant to ensure that thieves cannot get any leverage when using crowbars to take apart the links.

The downside is that these locks tend to be heavy, and are only suited to securing your bike at home, since carrying them around is inconvenient.

Cable Locks for Bicycles

best bicycle lock

These locks are easier to carry around since they are smaller in size and lighter. However this means that they offer less security. They can be easily wrapped around the bike frame or placed inside cycling backpacks. They are usually long and can be used to secure bicycles around trees and street light posts.

Even though they are not as good as chain locks they provide the necessary security to deter regular thieves.

U Lock for Bicycles

best bicycle lock

These are the most secure bicycle locks available today. They have a thick u-shaped metal bar attached to an even thicker straight bar at the end of the prongs. These can be used to lock one wheel to the bike frame or both wheels.

The fact that they are thick means they are difficult to cut through.

Did you know…?

Bicycle Locks

Did you know that round key locks are more reliable today than before?

Some bicycle locks use flat or round keys depending on their design. Initially, locks that used round keys could be easily opened using ballpoint pens. However, technological advancement and changes in design have made these lock as reliable as their flat key counterparts.

Buying Bicycle Locks Online

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