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If you are an ardent cyclist, then you can attest to the need for additional bicycle equipment for storage.

Not all items can be fastened on to a bicycle rear rack using simple bungee cords. Whether you are a city commuter using your bicycle over your car to get you around town or a bicycle touring fanatic going in exploration tours such as our bicycle trip in Japan and Rhine river tour there is something for you.

Some of the most common bicycle equipment used for storage purposes while riding includes cycling backpacks and trailers. However, these have their associated individual limitations. The former is only applicable where the amount of cargo to be hauled is very high and is not a favorite for most, while the latter tends to be tiring and over burdening.

Bicycle panniers are a great alternative in helping cyclists move varying amounts of cargo conveniently and efficiently either in the city or while touring trails. Here we will look at two main panniers as distinguished by application.

Did you know…?

Bicycle Panniers

Did you know that water resistant panniers allow for air circulation?

Depending on what is stored in panniers, some cyclists like panniers that allow for air circulation. To avoid the contents developing stuffy smells, water resistant panniers allow for aeration of the contents while avoiding the entry of water.

Various Bicycle Panniers

Commuter Type Panniers

Bicycle Panniers

Commuting by bicycle is gaining a lot of popularity the world over. City dwellers are finding it easier and cheaper to commute to their places of work as well as other short distances using bicycles. Bicycle panniers are great for use during this commuting to ferry groceries, shopping items, and work related files folders and laptops.

Whether you use weather resistant panniers with the Topeak Rain Cover fitted for rainy days or weather resistant variety such as the Ortlieb Twin Panniers organization features are key. Different pockets for different items will help you sort out your luggage. Note that Ortlieb panniers are popularly known not have pockets. This may be seen as a drawback for riders looking for different pockets for organizational purposes.

Twin Bicycle Panniers

Bicycle Panniers

These panniers are designed for use in bicycle touring. They come as a pair of attached panniers and are associated with carrying huge loads. When riding with twin panniers attached to the rear rack, it is recommended that you look for a front mounted saddlebag to balance out the weight and make handling easier and safe.

Single Bicycle Panniers

Bicycle Panniers

Single bicycle panniers are mainly preferred by bicycle commuters who find themselves carrying big loads regularly. Since it is possible to ride comfortable with one pannier hanging from one side of the rear rack, a single pannier will save you from spending on win panniers that you will rarely use. The Axiom Kingston Commuter is one of the best examples in this category.

Take a look at some other single bicycle panniers:

Popular Bicycle Pannier Brands

If you are serious about getting quality panniers for your bicycle it is important to make sure that you only get the best pannier brand for your bicycle. Some great options include:


Bicycle Pannier

Since 1988 Arkel has been producing some of the best bicycle panniers in the market. Their designs include waterproof and durable panniers made from cordura, renowned zipper brands such as YKK and the best hook mounting system, the aluminum cam lock system for utmost durability and value.


Bicycle Pannier

The company prides itself of actively pioneering great advancements in creating waterproof bicycle touring panniers. The product offering of up to 500 products made of waterproof materials; roll top deigns and waterproof heavy duty zippers. All their products come with 5 year warranties.

Where to Buy Bicycle Panniers?

If you are interested in buying bicycle panniers you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Panniers

Using bicycle panniers on our bicycle trip in Japan

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