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No matter where you’re going, and your riding style everyone always has some luggage to carry with them in bicycle saddle bags. From house keys, to your wallet, bicycle repair kit and even first aid kit; it acts as a general storage bag for most small items. The best thing about bicycle saddle bags is that they are built to fit and blend in with the bike design while providing the necessary functionality. The best ones will fit below the bike seat unnoticeably offering extra storage space. These, as you will learn are among the most useful bicycle accessories today.

What are the Different Types of Saddlebags?

There are two main types of saddlebags depending on size, i.e. seat packs and saddlebags. Both of these have their suitable applications depending on the cyclists needs.

However, size is not the only type of classification. Below you will find more types of saddle bags.

Delicate Saddlebags

Bicycle Saddle Bags

These bags are designed with soft material on the outside for aesthetic purposes. On the other hand, the insider is lined with heavy and durable hard materials meant to keep it in service for an extended period of time.

Carbon Fiber Saddlebags

Bicycle Saddle Bags

These are among the most attractive and durable bicycle saddlebags. Carbon fiber saddlebags are characterized by a solid shape and build. They also bear an appealing texture. These normally enhance you bikes look as they are fashionable.

Tube Shaped Saddlebags

Bicycle Saddle Bags

These traditional bicycle saddlebags are not common today but are among the most iconic designs. They are usually divided into numerous pockets for organizational purposes. Cyclists can organize their luggage in these bags neatly without creating a mix-up.


Bicycle Saddle Bags

Expander saddlebags are designed to expand and provide more room for the rider to store various items. Most are designed with reflective straps on their surface to enhance visibility and safety when riding in limited light conditions.

How to Determine what You Need

It is important to note that to avoid wasting your money on something you will never use by taking time to consider some of the influencing factors:

What do you need to carry? Whichever bicycle saddlebag you are considering buying must satisfy your needs. For house keys and a phone, then a seat pack will be appropriate, however for more items then you should use a saddlebag.

Travelling distance: the further you want to travel on your bicycle the greater the amount of luggage you need. Make sure you can be able to fit all your bicycle touring supplies on your bicycle by using saddlebags to supplement other storage options.

Did you know…?

Bicycle Saddle Bags

Did you know that seat packs are normally used to carry small personal items?

Small saddlebags referred to as seat packs are small enough to carry in your hands when you get off your bike. Those with a quick release mechanism like the Topeak DynaPack are best suited to carrying personal items that you want to keep in hand at all times.

What Can You Carry in Bicycle Saddle Bags?

When it comes to loading up your bicycle saddlebag, remember that only small things can be included. First aid kits, keys, phones and bicycle repair kit are among the main items usually stored in saddlebags. Bicycle riding socks and bicycle rain coat can be fitted in a larger saddlebag when riding during winter or rainy seasons. Snacks can be carried here when going on long bicycle trips.

Bicycle Saddle Bags, Backpacks or Handlebar Bags?

The intended application is the main determinant of what to choose. For instance if you are going for short cycling runs, then a small saddlebag or seat pack will be all you need. However, when going on long bicycle tours, you will need to carry a host of supplies. In this case, you will need all the storage space you can get. If your trip involves getting off the bike and travelling by foot for a long distance, then a cycling backpack will help you carry your luggage comfortably.

Where to Buy Bicycle Saddles?

If you are interested in buying bicycle saddle bags you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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