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Bicycle riding can be quite strenuous especially in rough terrain, to keep your backside from getting extra sore use a bicycle cover for extra padding. Although many new cyclists may think that bicycle covers are unnecessary accessories chosen for aesthetic appeal, they have essential functions.

First and foremost, bicycle seat covers are used to add extra padding between your buttocks and the bicycle saddle.

Secondly, these essential additions usually provide the necessary protection that bicycle saddles require for extended service and value.

Applications of Bike Seat Covers

Protecting the Bicycle Seat

  • Bicycle seat covers tend to be essential in extending the life of your bicycle seat. If your bicycle seat is made of leather, it definitely cost you a pretty penny.
  • Placing a seat cover over it helps avoid sweat and friction from damaging the bicycle seat, therefore increasing its life and value.

Enhance Comfort

  • Bicycle saddles come with a thin layer of padding. This offers minimal comfort levels especially when riding over rough terrain or for extended periods.
  • If this is the case for you, choose a bicycle seat cover that increases this padding to a bearable level.


  • The first and most noticeable effect of a bicycle seat is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bicycle. Choosing an attractive design and color combination will help you enhance the look of the bicycle.

Shock Absorption

  • Since riding through rough terrain exposes your back to a lot of stress from the regular bumps and shocks from the road surface. Offering an added means of shock absorption can help reduce this stress.
  • Look for a bicycle seat cover that effectively increases the shock absorption capabilities of the bicycle seat to make sure cycling is as healthy as possible.

Tip: Use padded seat covers if you haven’t ridden in years

Bicycle Seat Covers

Most people who are trying to get back on a bike after many years of not cycling, a padded seat cover will make riding more comfortable and reduce the chances of suffering a sore bottom.

Types of Materials Used for Bike Seat Covers

When shopping for bicycle seat covers you are going to come across a wide variety made of the following materials. You will notice that these materials are attributed to some distinct characteristics which help them perform the above specified functions.

Gel Bicycle Seat Covers

Bicycle Seat Covers
  • Gel seat covers offer better gripping capabilities as compared to other materials even as the rider sweats.
  • This material is not only waterproof but weather proof as well.
  • With the ability of the gel to adapt to the riders bottom shape, overtime it changes shape permanently and may require replacement.

Sheep Skin

Bicycle Seat Covers
  • Sheep skin has antibacterial properties eliminating any odors from perspiration.
  • The material is able to absorb the riders perspiration and protect the bike saddle from any damage
  • It is also known to collect and trap dirt leaving the bike saddle clean at all times
  • The above properties make it quite costly to acquire


Bicycle Seat Covers
  • One of the main benefits of these bicycle covers is that they are affordable.
  • They are also weatherproof and waterproof at all times.
  • Spandex bicycle covers come in a variety of decorations and appearances for aesthetic enhancement.
  • On the downside the material tends to be thin and offer minimal shock absorption properties.

Memory Foam

Bicycle Seat Covers
  • Memory foam seat covers adapt to the riders body with use and offers the best comfort.
  • If you are unable to find a perfectly fitting bike saddle a memory foam seat cover changes this by correcting the fit.
  • It is relatively costly to acquire.

Some Great Seat Covers to Consider

Bell Gel Relief Seat Cover

Bicycle Seat Covers

This seat cover is designed to offer great pressure relief to your private parts during cycling with a deep center. It also has padded high pressure sitting points for the most comfortable long rides. It is easy to fit on the bicycle saddle and is made from highly durable lycra material.

Planet Bike Anatomic Relief MTB Seat Cover

Bicycle Seat Covers

This saddle cover comes designed with features meant to increase its durability and comfort during use. It is gel padded for extra shock absorption and a healthy sitting design. It comes with a tightly fitting cord for the best fit.

Bicycle Gel Pad-Wide Seat Cover

Bicycle Seat Covers

This stand out seat cover is designed with thick gel padding for utmost comfort. It is made from highly durable lycra material and easily fits wide seats without any problems. With this seat cover you will experience the most comfortable riding ever, even on rough terrain.

Bell Memory Foam Bicycle Seat Pad

Bicycle Seat Covers

Rated as one of the most comfortable seat covers available, it is made of memory foam. It is especially great at providing comfortable riding and eliminating pain while seated on the bike saddle. It is also very affordable.

Sunlite Lycra Cruiser Seat Cover

Bicycle Seat Covers

If you have a comfortable bicycle saddle that does not require any extra padding from a seat cover, then this thin lycra seat cover is for you. It is designed for easy fitting on the bike saddle and reduces slippage off the seat.

Where to Buy Bicycle Seat Covers?

If you are interested in buying bicycle seat covers you are invited to visit this trusted online store:


Although bike saddles come with the necessary padding and, seat covers can be used to boost riding comfort and enhance the riders, enjoyment. Carefully consider your needs before choosing a certain seat cover for the best value.