Bicycle Shipping Box
Bicycle Shipping Box

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Cycling can be a lot of fun especially when combined with travelling all over the world and exploring different terrains and cultures; for this you will need a bicycle shipping box. Bicycle tours in European countries like Switzerland, Cyprus, Germany, and Montenegro are a great way to vacation while doing what you love.

I have experienced the joy and thrill of this type of vacation during our Rhine River tour and bicycle trip in Japan, However you first have to get your bike safely to the location you are travelling to before any fun begins. This is where a bicycle shipping box comes in handy.

Evaluating your Requirements

Before buying a bicycle shipping box it is best to sit down and think of how appropriate this piece of bicycle equipment will be to your needs.

Means of Shipping

There are various means of shipping available to cyclists who want to travel with their bicycles. Shipping by train and air differs from carrying your bike in your car to your desired destination. A simple cardboard box will do for those personally shipping their bikes while a more specialized case is suited to using transport means that you have no idea of the handling it will receive.


In most cases, the farther you have to ship the case the longer your bike is away from you and the more you have to worry about the handling process. A secure bicycle shipping box offers peace of mind to bicycle owners.

Frequency of Travel

Different people have different reasons for travelling. For instance some will be moving with their bike to a new location; something that might be a one off lifetime occurrence. On the other hand others are frequent travellers going on bicycling tours regularly. Packing your bike in a cardboard box is great for one time travel while a specially designed bicycle box is best suited to regular travellers.

Weight and Size

Depending on the chosen model bike shipping boxes can be relatively light or bulky and heavy. This difference in structure also means a significant difference in the protection offered to the bicycles in question.

Tip: Do not stack up luggage on your bicycle

Bicycle Shipping Box

It is important to avoid stacking up other heavy items on you cardboard packed bicycle when shipping it yourself. Many people forget that the cardboard box is collapsible and end up damaging their bikes by stacking heavy items on them when moving.

Choosing the Right Bicycle Shipping Box

When you decide to buy a bicycle shipping box you have to take time and get the best fit as per your needs. Below we will look at some of the factors to consider in your decision making.


If you are going to ensure that your bicycle is transported in a way that ensures it integrity, it is important that you pick out the right sized bag. In this case, you will need to either go with your bike to the shop or take accurate measurements and give them to the store assistants. Getting a slightly larger sized bag is advisable to avoid having to squeeze things inside.


When buying the bag it is important to make sure that the bag is secure enough. The locks have to be able to hold the bag together when locked. However remember not to use permanent locks as the bag would need to be inspected at customs when flying across borders.

Wheels and Handle

Carrying around a massive bicycle shipping bag is not going to be easy. Most bag come with wheels to help you just pull it along. A handle can be used to raise it up stairs or terrain that the wheels are not suited to.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Shipping Box?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle shipping box you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Buying a Bicycle Shipping Boxe on Amazon

More Affordable Shipping Boxes Online

Bicycle Shipping Box
Bicycle Shipping Box
Bicycle Shipping Box

Last Word About Buying a Bicycle Shipping Box

To prepare your bicycle for shipping you will need to dismantle the pedals and wheels at least. This should be done by a rider who has the necessary expertise and tools. These parts should then be arranged in the shipping box. Take a look at this professional website about bicycle storage ideas with many more bicycle shipping cases. Enjoy!

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