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Bicycle speedometers are the best way to keep track of your cycling performance. Bike speed, distance covered, pedaling speed and many others. With today’s technological advancements, these important bicycle accessories come with a wide variety of useful functions.

If you are using cycling as a training activity with various goals to be attained, then a bicycle speedometer is the best piece of equipment to use for data collection which you can analyze later. This is essential in helping you decide if you are making any progress.

The best this about these bicycle computers is that they offer real-time information when riding which makes you aware of your current performance. This will help you adjust your performance accordingly.

How Bike Speedometers Work

Bicycle speedometers use magnetic signals to detect the speed of the bicycle wheels. A magnet mounted on the bicycle spokes generates a signal when it passes another one referred to as a reed receiver, mounted on the wheel fork. The signal produced is transmitted to the speedometer head mounted on the bicycle handlebars where it is interpreted and readings are displayed on the screen.

Wireless and Wired Speedometers

When shopping for bicycle speedometers you will come across both wired and wireless speedometers. Here you will notice a gap in their pricing, with the wired variety being priced below their wireless counterparts. When choosing between these two varieties, it is important to compare their associated benefits and drawbacks.

Bicycle Speedometers
Bicycle Speedometers
Wired Bicycle Speedometers Wireless Bicycle Speedometers

First and foremost, wired bicycle speedometers tend to be more suited to cyclists looking for simple units that will not be exposed to vigorous use. The connecting wires can be damaged while riding and are a drawback themselves. Alternatively, wireless speedometers can be switched between different bicycles easily. It is also possible to dismount them for data transfer to your computer.

Data Transfer

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to use bicycle speedometers in the collection of useful cycling performance data. This data can only be analyzed and used to enhance future performance through the use of computer software. For this to be possible, choose a bicycle computer that can be easily connected to a variety of different computers. This will help you clearly chart out your performance and establish trends.

Common Features on Bicycle Speedometers

The available list of speedometers is virtually endless, with the supported features being even more. The rule of thumb when shopping for bicycle speedometers is to consider what you need by evaluating cycling goals. The more the features supported the higher the performance goals set.

Speedometer Features:

Distance indicator: One of the most basic bicycle speedometer features is to keep track of the distance covered. This can be used as a means of tracking your training goals overtime.

Tip: Analyze the data for a more complete performance picture

Bicycle Speedometers

When shopping for a bicycle speedometer, ensure that it supports easy data transfer on to your computer. You will want to record the data figures over an extended period of time and come up with reliable analysis of trends.

USB connections and PC software compatibility are essential in this regard.

Current cycling speed indicator: Bicycle computers can calculate the speed at which you are cycling using the distance travelled and the time spent cycling. The current speed indicator helps the cyclist track how fast they’re cycling for performance and endurance factors.

Average cycling speed indicator: This represents your speed over the total distance covered during cycling sessions. By improving on this speed in subsequent training runs you can be able to sharpen your performance.

Clock display: Some bicycle computers also come with a time display to help you keep track of the time while cycling. Some even include an alarm to remind you of whatever you want.

Maximum/highest speed indicator: A highest speed indicator is a motivational statistic that most speedometers include in their display. It indicted peak performance during training runs.

Odometer feature: Keeping track of the total distance travelled on your bicycle using the odometer feature can give you a sense of all that you have conquered while riding as well as helping you know when it’s time to change some parts before they breakdown.

Altimeter: When training for specific race, it is important to replicate the race conditions during training. Altitude has a lot of influence on cycling performance, and a speedometer equipped with one will help you track your training altitude level.

Stopwatch: A stopwatch is great for timing sprints. Various race events have terrain that is characterized by slopes, uphill and flat stretches. Knowing your sprint speed can help you dominate flat stretches and give you a winning edge.

Cadence: Cadence refers to a cyclists pedaling per minute. It is used to determine the most efficient gear for the highest productivity.

Remember these When Buying a Speedometer

  1. Screen size affects the ease of reading the screen characters especially when riding.
  2. Control buttons should be easy to use especially when wearing cycling gloves.
  3. Is the screen readable in direct sunlight?
  4. What are some of the features you are after?
  5. The suitability of the speedometer to the bikes wheel and suspension forks

Some Speedometers You can consider

Bell F12 Bike Computer

Bicycle Speedometers

This affordable bike computer is designed for use in the outdoors as it is weather resistant. It comes with up to 12 functions and a clock to ensure you keep up with time while training. Its is easy to install and is one of the popular options available.

Schwinn 20-Function Bike Computer

Bicycle Speedometers

Cycling can be integrated into your exercise routine aimed at staying fit. One of the best bike computers for such activity is the Schwinn 20-function bike computer. Its application in exercise is demonstrated by the inclusion of a calories burned feature. It can be easily mounted on the bike frame and is also usable in the dark due to the screen backlight.

Sigma BC 1609 Cadence Bicycle Speedometer

Bicycle Speedometers

This performance measurement device is highly useful whether training to keep fit or enhance performance in training. It is a wired bicycle computer capable of showing the highest speed alongside other speed and distance measurements. It is also compatible with available computer software for easy analysis of data.

Where to Buy Bicycle Speedometers?

If you are interested in buying bicycle speedometers you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Speedometers
Bicycle Speedometers
Bicycle Speedometers

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