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If you are planning on going out for a long ride on your bicycle, you will definitely appreciate the need for a bicycle water bottle. Cycling entails expending a lot of energy, and keeping hydrated will help you keep your performance up at an optimum level. Bicycle water bottles are best suited to short cycling runs where the water will be enough. However, for more demanding applications, a hydration cycling backpack will help you carry more water and keep you hydrated.

Where is the bottle kept?

If you decide to have a bicycle water bottle to carry your water around while cycling, you will need to have a place to keep it. A water bottle cage is usually the default storage/holding apparatus for bicycle water bottles. This offers a conveniently located spot for easy retrieval. Some of the factors to consider when buying a water bottle include:

Cycling Weather

If you are planning on going out on a cycling trip and want to buy a water bottle for the same, remember to consider the weather you will be riding in. the hotter the weather the thirstier you will be and hence need more water.

Trip Distance

When cycling, you can cover a lot of distance depending on your goals. In this case, the longer you will be on the road or trail directly influences your water needs. Long bicycling tours require riders to be prepared by carrying large or a couple of water bottles.

Available Space

Some bicycles have space to fit a couple of water bottle cages and can therefore accommodate more water bottles. On the other hand, if your bicycle only has one space for a water bottle, then it is advisable to carry one large water bottle as it’s not possible to carry more than that.

Types of Water Bottles

Bicycle water bottles come in two categories depending on their ability to keep their contents in a given water temperature.

Insulated water bottles: These normally include temperature insulation features in their design. This enables them to keep the contents in the initial temperature it was stored in. This is great especially when you need your water cool in hot weather.

Un-insulted water bottles: These water bottles usually don’t have any insulation include in their design and hence have marginally more capacity as compared to similarly sized insulated options.

When shopping for bicycle water bottles, you will come across a wide variety made of different materials including various metals and plastic. These will have distinct features, which you should carefully consider before purchase.

Did you know…?

Bicycle Water Bottle

Did you know that cycling water bottles come with different drinking valves?

The two main drinking valve types are the bite down and the pull and push valve. The latter tends to be more popular as it is easier to use while still cycling. On the other hand it tends to be leaky as it does not close tightly. Choose one that you are comfortable using.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Water Bottle?

If you are interested in buying a bicycle water bottle you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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Bicycle Water Bottle

For more information you can visit the page about bicycle water bottle holders.

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