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Car bicycle racks eliminate the common hassle of packing your bicycle for transportation. In most cases, you have to take your bike apart to transport it; however with a bike rack this is not necessary. However, the market is full of a wide variety of different vehicle mounted bike racks; this makes it essential to have some knowledge on the same in a bid to help you make the best choice when it comes to choosing the most appropriate design as per your requirements.

Tip: Buy the right Car Bicycle Racks

Car Bicycle Racks

Roof mounted racks tend to offer some great advantages that attract many buyers. These racks come in two types, upright and fork mount. If you choose fork mounts you will need to buy separate wheel holders as the wheel must be removed for mounting.

Upright mounts however do not require this additional purchase.

What are the Types of Car Bicycle Racks?

When it comes to buying a bicycle car rack for your car the main categorizing factor is the type of vehicle it is designed for use on. Below we will look at some of the available varieties according vehicle design.

Hitch car Bicycle Racks

Car Bicycle Racks

These bicycle carriers are some of the best around due to some of the benefits they offer users. These include the ability to carry a number of bicycles, up to five in for some design. They allow the rider to have easy access to the bikes. These carriers are hooked on the rear trailer hitch of a towing vehicle.

Truck Bed Racks

Car Bicycle Racks

These are usually mounted on the truck bed where the bicycles are to be mounted as well. The carrying capacity on these racks tends to be around four bikes at most. Although truck mounted racks tend take up all the space in the truck bed, they offer the chance to attach a trailer to haul other items.

Trunk Mount Automobile Bicycle Racks

Car Bicycle Racks

These are among the cheapest bicycle car racks available today. With the ability to carry three bicycles, they can be attached to the car using straps for ease and convenience.

Roof Racks

Car Bicycle Racks

These are among the most versatile car mounted racks available on the market today. They can be used to carry small boats and skis in addition to a maximum of four boats. They are however known to take more time to fit on the car.

Shopping for Car Bicycle Racks

When shopping for car bicycle racks you should consider the following:

  • The type of car you drive determines the type of rack you can get.
  • Your budget always dictates what you can get.
  • Hitch carriers require a towing hitch on your car.
  • How many bikes are you looking to transport?

Who makes the best Automobile Bicycle Racks?

If you are looking to buy a car bicycle rack, it is essential to have only the best quality. Saris and Thule are two of the best brands in this field. Others that come close to their well-known quality include Yakima, Allen and Swagman.

Where to Buy Car Bicycle Racks?

If you are interested in buying car bicycle racks you are invited to visit this trusted online store:

Car Bicycle Racks

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