Child Bicycle Helmet
Child Bicycle Helmet
Child Bicycle Helmet

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No parent should ever let their children ride a bicycle without a fitting child bicycle helmet.

It is estimated that over 80% of children do not wear helmets, while 90% of those whose parents cycle without helmets also don’t wear them. Bicycle helmets decrease the risk of injury while riding by 0ver 86%. This is quite a significant margin that could mean the difference between your child having fun cycling or getting seriously injured.

With the head being one of the most exposed and vulnerable parts of the human body, every step should be taken in putting together the appropriate protective cycling gear to make sure it is protected at all times.

Get your Child to Wear a Bicycle Helmet

Children will always try to get out of wearing their bicycle helmets as they do not understand their function. If it is not interesting and cool, you will always have to fight hard to make them wear it. However, by letting your child take part in the purchase decision, they will feel like they own the decision and therefore agree to wear it on a regular basis. Aesthetically appealing helmets always seem coolest to children; keep this in mind.

Does the Color Matter?

For your child to like a certain helmet, it must be in their favorite color. Boys are more attracted to blues and girls to pinks. Note that this is known to the children as well. Getting a boy to wear anything in pink will be a tall order. Children grow fast and change their preferences even faster; a favorite color today may not remain the same sometime from now. Make sure you get their input before acting on any knowledge you think you have.

Imprinted Designs

Bicycle helmets usually have various impressions imprinted on the surface. This is one of the ways you can make sure your child likes the helmet.Get child bicycle helmet imprinted with the image of their favorite superheroes or cartoon and movie characters.

Comic and movie superheroes are preferred by boys like this Ninja Turtle. Girls on the other hand like feminine characters such as princesses; this Dora the Explorer or the Bell Sports Disney Princess Child 3D Helmet are great options.

Tip: Use additional padding to provide a better fit

Child Bicycle Helmet

If your child has an extra small head, and you are having trouble finding a helmet that will fit. You can use some extra padding to fill in some of the space left. However, this should only be done where the space to be filled is minimal.

Safety Features to Look Out For


When buying a child helmet it is important to remember that the interior padding is not just used to assist with getting a great fit and comfort. Interior padding is essential in creating a helmet that can absorb the shock generated during falls and impact.


For any bicycle helmet to be any good, it must fit the wearer’s head snugly. Helmet straps are the main means of securing the helmet on the child’s head and making sure it does not fly off on impact. Only use child bicycle helmets with straps that are in good condition and can be tightened and stay that way during use.

Why should the Helmet Fit Perfectly?

Maximum protection: If a helmet does not fit snugly on your child’s head it may rip off on impact and leave their head unprotected.

Maintaining clear visibility: If a helmet is too big it may block your child’s eye when cycling increasing the chances of the occurrence of an accident.

Comfortable wearing: A well-fitting helmet is comfortable. Your child will look forward to wearing it at all times and not look upon it with dread.

Where to Buy a Child Bicycle Helmet?

If you are interested in buying a child bicycle helmet you are invited to visit this trusted online store:

Buying a Child Bicycle Helmet on eBay


Helmets offer essential protection to your child when cycling. It is however important to train your child the importance of wearing a helmet at an early age to ensure they always use one at all times.

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