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If you regularly go out riding for a day or even longer, then a cycling backpack is one of the essential components of your gear. Bicycle riding is a great way to experience the outdoors firsthand, and a backpack will help you carry everything you deem vital for this.

What to Look Out for:

  • Carrying capacity
  • Ease of access
  • Water and weather resistance
  • Stability and balance during riding
  • Adjustability among others

When shopping for a cycling backpack, it is important to have your needs in mind since the available variety ranges from simple to highly specialized designs.

Types of Cycling Backpacks

Hydration Packs

cycling backpack

These cycling backpacks are better for cyclists as compared to carrying water bottles since they carry more water (2-3 liters). It is also true that, since they are easier to drink from, cyclists can hydrate while riding at high speed.

Day Backpacks

cycling backpack

These are small sized cycling backpacks designed to carry just enough supplies for a day out cycling. Since they do not carry heavy loads, they do not come with additional chest and waist straps.

Larger Midsized packs

cycling backpack

If you want to go on a day-long ride but have more stuff to carry than a day pack holds, you can use a midsize backpack. Now you can enjoy the outdoors with all your favorite portable stuff.

Expedition Backpack Variety

cycling backpack

These are the best packs for long cycling expeditions. They are designed to carry a lot of weight with utmost comfort and the least strain. Lumbar pads and wide hip belts help in carrying them easily.

Waist / Hip Packs

cycling backpack

These are designed to be worn around the waist and come with the benefit of eliminating any pressure on the riders back. Most carry a limited amount of luggage; however some have a higher capacity and come with shoulder straps for added support.

Tip: Don’t carry your heaviest luggage in your backpack

Cycling Backpack

Remember that your backpack bears the weight of all of the contents on your body. Load heavy items in bicycle saddlebags or panniers and use the backpack to carry lighter items to avoid straining your body and to be specific, the back.

Cycling Backpacks vs. Bicycle Saddlebags

The main difference between bicycle saddlebags and cycling packs is the fact that the rider bears the load when using backpacks. Alternatively the bike bears the load when using saddlebags allowing the rider unencumbered cycling.

Contents of Cycling Backpacks

What you carry in your back pack is dependent on the length of your journey as well as the things you deem necessary. However some items are basic and you should always have in your bag. A bicycle repair kit as well as a first aid kit should be mainstays in cycling backpacks.

If you are going for an extended trip, include a change of clothes and some means of entertainment such as an iPod. Snacks, cellphones and keys can also be carried.

Where to Buy a Cycling Backpack?

If you are interested in buying a cycling backpack you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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