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Cycling is an interesting activity that will have you creating fun memories that you can record with a helmet video camera. Whether it is rushing downhill at unimaginable speeds on two wheels, or cycling in the peace and tranquility of nature trails, you can always find something interesting to capture.

Helmet cameras are attached to the helmet and can be set to focus on any side depending on the rider’s preference. With years of technological advancements in this field you can be sure to have access to a wide variety of high quality cameras to serve the intended purpose.

Let’s define a Helmet Camera

Helmet cameras as their name suggests, are cameras designed to be mounted on a cyclist’s helmet. They are usually light and compact so as not to increase the weight on the cyclist’s head by too much. They also come with a mounting mechanism.

Are You Interested in Buying a Helmet Video Camera?

The market has a wide variety of helmet mounted video cameras designed for use in different conditions. It is therefore important to take your time and carefully consider what is available as well as what will serve your needs best.

What to Consider

With most extreme and high octane sports employing the use of cameras over the years to get viewers as close to the action as possible; they offer a great way of sharing exciting cycling moments with others by producing cycling movies.

Shape and Size

As stated above these cameras are mounted on the helmet of the rider; keeping them as small and light as possible is the best way to minimize interference with the rider’s style and performance.

These cameras come in two common designs, box shaped or cylindrical. The box shaped version provides less aerodynamic properties as compared to the cylindrical ones which are used for racing applications.

User Friendliness

A user friendly camera in this case would be one that requires minimal interference when it comes to handling, operation and setting up. You want it to be easy to mount and record while you concentrate on your riding.

Wireless vs. Wired

Wireless cameras usually use the latest recording devices such as memory cards. This makes them compact and versatile in terms of where they can be used and mounted. On the other hand wired cameras are usually connected through a wire to a recording device in the cyclist’s bag.

Recording Device Used

In close connection to the above point, helmet video cameras are usually designed with an in-built recording device or come with a specially designed recorder connected by wire.


Every camera including helmet cameras come with different resolution ratings. This means that the picture quality and clarity will vary. With higher resolution captured video gets clearer and the camera price rises.

Field of View

The field of view refers to how wide or narrow a camera’s focus is; the wider the angle the wider the focus. This helps capture more aspects when riding, over and above the primary object.

Build Quality and Durability

There is a wide variety of cameras out there with varying levels of durability depending on the build. In most cases, the better the build the more durable the camera is. Note that when riding the camera will experience bumps and knocks which it should bear through without any problem.


Although the camera comes with its own digital storage device, make sure that it can be easily connected to a computer for easy file transfer.


Video camera as to day come with one of two types of batteries i.e. battery packs or AA/AAA batteries which can all be rechargeable. Choosing the right option is vital in establishing the final weight of the camera as well as their functionality. Battery packs tend to weigh less.

Water Resistant

Helmet cameras are exposed to the elements including rainfall. Make sure that you choose a camera that can be used in such conditions with water resistant capabilities.

Audio Quality

When recording video, capturing the sound clearly will help viewers appreciate and enjoy the video even more.

Item Warranty

A warranty is of great value as it provides the buyer with the peace of mind that the camera is built up to the highest quality and any malfunction in this time will be repaired free of charge.

Helmet Video Camera Buying Tips

What are your needs: Take time and consider what your recording needs are, the intended application, recording conditions among others.

Tip: Use a helmet camera to record your daily commute

Helmet Video Camera

Helmet cameras are not just used in filming bicycle touring action, bicycle commuters also use them to ensure that they capture any situations that may arise between them and other road users.

For instance a strategically positioned camera can record the license plate on a vehicle that knocks you down and drives off.

Recommendations: If you have a cycling friend who uses a helmet camera, seek their input in deciding which the best type to opt for is, as well as some of the things to consider.

Online reviews: The internet has numerous websites that are solely built to offer consumer and professional reviews on different cameras.

Budget: With the wide offering available take time and determine your available budget to narrow down your options.

Product comparisons: If you are torn between a couple of cameras, compare their features and establish which one offers the most value.

Sample output: You can find videos online that have been posted by users who own certain cameras, these give insight into what to expect.

Video Recording Tips

  • Decide on the best camera to use: In this you will need to make up your mind on the camera you will use and learn how to use it.
  • Choose the right camera settings: depending on the filming conditions you will need to adjust camera settings for the best output.
  • Film from different point of views: Mix things up a bit and film from different angles by varying the direction of the camera and mounting it on different parts of the bike.
  • Editing: After the activities of the day are done, sit down and edit the footage carefully removing unnecessary shots.
  • Put together the final edited footage into the type of film that you want. This can be a documentary or an action filled feature.

The Beauty of Cycling Movies

Helmet Video Camera

Bicycle tours are great experiences that offer even better memories. Instead of using your mind to remember how everything went, why not go for a helmet video camera and use it to capture all the moments, sights and scenes.

This way you can be able to share it with your friends and family when you get back home. Remember that in today’s social media frenzy, video sharing is part of everyday life.

Whether you only have enough for a cheap helmet camera or can get the best there is, don’t let the opportunity to capture extraordinary footage pass you by.

My Cycling Movies

You can browse through some of my cycling movies to get a feel of what it’s like recording your own experiences on the trail touring.

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Where to Buy a Helmet Video Camera?

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