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Parents should take their time to ensure that their kids learn the importance of using bicycle helmets by getting them used to an infant bike helmet as toddlers. Parents who would like to enjoy cycling with their children should ensure that they always have a helmet on for safe riding.

When shopping for an infant bike helmet it is important to note that all available variations have to satisfy the CPSC safety standards no matter their price. This means that whether you buy the cheapest or most expensive helmet available the safety standards are supposed to be similar.

However, it is important to note that even with similar safety standards the most important factor to consider when buying these helmets is the fit. A perfectly fitting helmet offers maximum protection as compared to an ill-fitting helmet of the same standard.

Among the other important considerations to keep in mind is the weight of the helmet. Toddlers usually have weak necks and can only wear lightweight helmets comfortably.

Tip: Straps should be easy to tie and untie for you not your child

Infant Bike Helmet

When shopping for an infant helmet look for one that can be, easily fastened and unfastened. However remember that your child should not be able to unfasten the helmet as they may remove it whilst you are busy cycling.

Infant Bike Helmet Sizing

When it comes to buying an infant bike helmet, then you should note that fit is the most important consideration to keep in mind. Accidents usually occur out of nowhere, and being adequately prepared for any eventuality is the best way to keep your bundle of joy safe.

It is advisable to go with your baby to the bicycle equipment store to actually fit the available helmets for a perfect fit.

Size Toddler S/M M/L One Size
Inches 18.5 – 20.5 20.5- 22.5 22.5 – 23.75 19.5 – 22.5
Centimeters 47-52 52-57 57-60 50-57

How to Determine Head Size

Alternatively, you can take the necessary measurements of your child’s head and come up with the right size. As a guide, measure the circumference at the widest part of the head.

For the perfect fit, infant bike helmets usually come with extra padding. This makes it possible to find a fitting and comfortable fit.

Some great options include:

Bell Toddler Sprout Bike Helmet

Infant Bike Helmet

This helmet not only offers protection for your child when riding but also comes with reflector features for enhanced visibility for training toddlers. The helmet is designed to provide a perfect fit using the true fit feature. It also includes a nifty feature to eliminate any chances of pinching your child’s chin.

Schwinn Toddler’s Carnival Helmet

Infant Bike Helmet


This helmet not only comes with perfect fit features and design but also includes some adjustments to keep your child protected from the elements. This is especially important considering the delicate baby skin. The design also includes eight air vents to keep your child’s head aerated and cool.

Giro Me2 Bike Helmet

Infant Bike Helmet

This helmet comes with a distinct decorative design to ensure children can pick their preferred option. The rear part includes a reflective material to keep your child visible even when they start training on their own bike.

Where to an Infant Bike Helmet?

If you are interested in buying an infant bike helmet you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Infant Bike Helmet
Infant Bike Helmet


Initiating your child as early as possible into appreciating the importance of riding with a helmet on is vital in helping them grow up with this tradition. Letting them have some input in the chosen helmet will help them accept the decision and enjoy wearing the helmet.

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