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If you are an ardent mountain biker, then you will appreciate the need for mountain bike helmets when tackling various types of terrains. From heavily forested trails to rough downhill patches, the risk of taking a tumble from your bike is far much higher as compared to regular city bicycle commuting. With this in mind, staying well-protected is of the highest concern especially considering how susceptible the head is to impact injuries. With more high risk situations characterizing rough terrain riding as compared to riding on flat and smooth surfaces, it is necessary to get a similarly tough helmet which can withstand the same as well.

Shopping for a Mountain Bike Helmet

As stated above, it is recommended that you only consider options that offer the same level of strength and resistance as the rough terrain you will be facing.

Perfect fit

When it comes to choosing the most appropriate helmet, then fit has a huge bearing on the safety and level of protection offered. Different bike manufacturers now offer a variety of designs that are meant to offer a better fit for cyclists eliminating the risk that comes with riding in loosely or tightly fitting helmets. For instance with the Giro Hex Biking Helmet, riders can enjoy safe riding at all times with the adjustable fit provided by the Roc Loc5 Fit system.

Design Properties

Helmets can be designed to bear the manufacturers brand colors or a stylish streamlined design with relevant colors and decorations for the best appeal. For instance the Bell Sequence Mountain Bike Helmet features a noticeable attention grabbing design that depicts the demanding rough terrain. Alternatively you can also use helmet covers to further enhance and customize the appeal and appearance of the mountain bike helmet.

Ventilation slots

Cycling is a demanding activity usually conducted outdoors in the sun. These factors combine to make it very hot for your head especially when wearing a helmet. To provide a cooling effect, helmet manufactures employ the use of air vents to deal with this. However, since more air vents, means less protective cover for your head, choose helmets like the Giro Feature Bike Helmet. This helmet has fewer vents assisted by a complicated system of internal air distribution channels for the most efficient cooling.

Protection offered

The main purpose of wearing bicycle helmets is to ensure that the head is protected from serious injuries in case of an accident. As such, choose a helmet that offers the highest protection including satisfying helmet quality and safety standards. A thick shell construction and extra padding offers more protection. Some helmets such as the Giro Athlon Helmet offer an enhanced level of protection especially when it comes to some of the most fragile and injury prone areas of the head.

Did you know…?

Mountain Bike Helmets

Did you know that mountain bike helmets resemble motorbike helmets?

Since mountain biking tends to be more dangerous as compared to regular cycling, the helmets are designed differently. Most of them come with a full-face design for similar to motorbike helmets for face protection.

Chain guards and visors are among the main characteristics of these designs.

Where to Buy Mountain Bike Helmets?

If you are interested in buying mountain bike helmets you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Last Words About Mountain Bike Helmets

Mountain biking is risky and high intensity activity as it is, riding with a helmet on not only protects you from head injuries but also makes you ride more freely.

“Use these health tips, and you can arrange yourself
many years of enjoyable & safe bike riding.”

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