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Share the joy of cycling with your child with bicycle trailers

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Parents who enjoy cycling can do it with their children and introduce them to the thrills of biking using a tandem bike trailer.

As a child grows, they become too big for a bicycle child seat. If they are not ready to bike on their own, then this is the best way to give them the closest bike riding experience.

Tandem bikes are great for carrying young children and introducing them to biking under the care of a responsible adult. When connected to your bike they allow for more riders.

These trailers are usually designed to accommodate the growth of children as they come with adjustable seats and handlebars. You can be sure to get extended service from this bicycle attachment over the years.

Features on a Tandem Bicycle Trailer


The tandem trailer comes with a hitch to attach it to the towing bicycle. Bicycle towing hitches come in two varieties i.e. those that attach to a dedicated hitch or those attached to a rack mounted on the seat post. A rack mounted trailer is more stable as it can easily pivot on the ball bearings.


Remember that your child will be sitting just behind the rear wheel on the trailer. This makes it necessary to have a mudguard fitted on the bicycle to eliminate the chances of splashing road spray all over them.


Riding with a trailer attached to the towing vehicle can be difficult; you will need all the help you can get when it comes to cycling up an incline. Low gears will help get you over inclines much easily.

Pedal Toe Clips

When using a tandem trailer you will need toe clips to secure your child’s feet and avoid knocking them about with the tandem trailer pedals.

Size Adjustment Capabilities

Children tend to grow very fast; use a tandem trailer that can be adjusted over different sizes. This will help make sure that growing kids ride comfortably as they grow.

Tip: Use a tandem trailer to get your child into cycling

Tandem Bike Trailer

Children who are carried around in a tandem trailer before they are able to begin cycling by themselves are able to learn that cycling is one of the main ways of getting around. They are also able to learn how to pedal and use the road earlier.

These lessons can help them develop affection for cycling and the necessary confidence to get into it as soon as possible.

Some Tandem Trailers Choices

Trail-Gator Child Bike Tow Bar

Tandem Bike Trailer

This trailer bar is used to convert your child’s regular bicycle into a bicycle trailer. It is best suited for use when you want to cycle over long distances with your child. The bicycle can be attached easily without the need for any adjustments.

WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

Tandem Bike Trailer

This trailer is designed to give your child the most realistic bike riding experience ever. It comes with a saddle and handlebars so that your child feel more involved in the cycling. You can bet that your child will feel great riding with you on this tandem bicycle trailer.

Adams Trail a Bike – Original Folder

Tandem Bike Trailer

This is another great trailer that offers your child the opportunity to cycle with you. It comes with a chain guard to ensure that your child’s feet or clothes do not get caught while riding. It is designed to support a child weighing up to 85 pounds.

Where to Buy a Tandem Bike Trailer?

If you are interested in buying a tandem bike trailer you are invited to visit this trusted online store:

Tandem Bike Trailer


A tandem bicycle trailer is not just great for carrying your child around but can also be used to help them cycle with you faster while feeling that they are pulling their own weight. This will enhance their confidence when riding on their own.

Here we are, my son and I spending some quality time together – thanks to our tandem bike trailer:

tandem bike trailer

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