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Bicycle Crank

My broken bicycle crank

What are Crank Sets?

As described above, crank sets are the main connection between the bicycle and the cyclist. The pedal arms and chain rings for a vital part of the bicycle’s drive train. They convert the energy input by the cyclist into motion on the bicycle.

Crank sets usually have a pedal arm with attached chain rings on the right arm. They are connected together with a spindle running through the bike’s bottom bracket.

Why are there different Crank sets?

When it comes to crank sets, you will notice they come in variable types. If you own a city commuting bicycle you will need a different type of crank set as compared to mountain bikers or road racers.

City commuting bicycles usually have regular sized pedal arms and one chain ring on the right hand side pedal arm.

Crank Sets for Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes on the other hand have up to three chain rings on the pedal arm. This is designed to give the rider a wide range of gears to tackle changing terrain in mountain biking with ease.

Mountain biking crank sets are also made of a variety of materials for durability and strength purposes.

Crank sets for Road Racing Bikes

Road racing and touring bikes require a better fit for the cyclist as well as a wide range of gears where necessary. The crank sets in this case can have varying pedal lengths as well as a variety of chain rings.

In most cases, road racing bikes come with two chain rings attached while touring bikes can have up to three chain rings for better performance.

How to Adjust the Crank Length

By adjusting the crank length on your bike you can be able to get a better fit on your bike for comfortable riding. Below we will look at the different ways to do this:

The above adjustments represent how important crank arm length is. The fact that the entire bicycle can be adjusted to make sure it fist like a glove, means that you will have a comfortable and fitting bicycle.

The help of a qualified technician is recommended when it comes to adjusting your bicycle for the perfect crank arm length fit.

Tip: Choose the Right Chain Rings

Bicycle Crank

Chain rings are usually classified using the number of teeth on their edges; the higher the number of teeth the larger the gear. Gears with a lower number of teeth as suited to beginners and leisure cyclists while professionals have access to larger chain rings with more teeth.

Pros of Shorter Crank Length

  • Smaller arms provide for smaller rotational circles and decreased dead spot.
  • Clearance when cornering is reduced.
  • Higher cadence/spinning can be achieved.

Longer Crank Arm Pros

  • Better for hill climbs and endurance events.
  • The longer arms provide for better leverage when applying pedaling force.

Where to Buy a Bicycle Crank?

If you are interested in buying bicycle crank you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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Buying a bicycle crank on eBay

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