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As important as it is for your bicycle to move from one place to the other it must also be able to stop whenever needed to; for this you need bicycle disc brakes. In this case having the right brakes is not just a requirement it is also a safety measure. Here we will focus on one type of bicycle brakes i.e. disk brakes. However for those looking for more information on bicycle braking systems you can find more information here.

What Are Bicycle Disc Brakes?

Disc brakes are made up of a wheel or disc that is attached to the bicycle wheel hub for both the rear and front wheels. Calipers are fitted on the edge of the disc and every time the rider applies pressure to the bicycle lever the calipers come together and apply pressure on the disc and reduce the bike’s wheels rotation speed or completely bring it to a halt.

These days you will find most mountain bikes and touring bikes fitted with disc brakes for instant stopping capability when rushing down a slope. It is also possible to find some hybrid bicycles also fitted with disc brakes for their superior durability and stopping power.

Benefits of Disc Brakes

  • Disc brakes last longer than other types of bicycle brakes.
  • They are designed to apply stopping force on a lower amount of force saving the rider’s wrist from fatigue.
  • The best ones are easier to replace.
  • They are perfect for all weather riding as they are far off the ground and do not pick up as much mud and debris as other types of bike brakes.

Drawbacks of Disk Brakes

  • Although uncommon, heat buildup can cause break failure.
  • Disk brakes are far more superior and complicate as compared to other types of bicycle brakes and are therefore expensive to purchase.
  • Disk brakes are associated with wheel hub bearing wear in some cases.
  • These braking systems are usually bulkier and heavier as compared to other available alternatives.

Disc Brakes Price

Did you know…?

Bicycle Disc Brakes

Did you know that rotor size determines the stopping power?

Disc brakes are highly influenced by the rotor size on the disc braking system. A slight 20mm increase in size boosts stopping power by whopping 15 percent.

These larger discs also heat up slower and cool much faster for the most effective operation and durability.

Disc brakes are significantly more expensive than other bicycle braking systems. Whether you choose cable, mechanical or hydraulic actuated brakes, they will usually cost more than regular rim brakes. Hydraulic brakes are the priciest among the available options.

Since each braking system works to stop by applying pressure on different parts of the bicycle wheel, moving from one system to the other requires new bicycle wheels and even hubs at times.

The average price range for bicycle disc brakes is between thirty to two hundred dollars.

How to Maintain Bicycle Disc Brakes

  • Always clean the discs and calipers using the right cleaners to avoid damaging them.
  • Check whether the discs are true without any wobbling when spinning.
  • The system should be inspected regularly for leaks if it’s hydraulic, effective levers it its mechanical and the calipers as well.
  • If you choose hydraulic disc brakes, make sure that the cable is perfect for durability and reliability purposes. You do not want it reaping apart from the pressure of the brake fluid as soon as you get on the road. Some of the hoses available include braided hoses, super light Kevlar reinforced hoses, and the more common reinforced plastic hoses.

Buying Bicycle Disc Brakes

Disc brakes tend to come in a wide variety, keep these factors in mind when shopping:

  • Braking power should be smooth and incremental for safe operation.
  • They should follow an easy to install system.
  • The brake pads should be durable for the best value.
  • A vented disc cools faster.

Where to Buy Bicycles?

If you are interested in buying bicycle disk brakes you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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It is always great to sample the new braking system you are looking to put on your new bicycle before moving to make a purchase. You can try them out at the bike store or on a friend’s bicycle as well.

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