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Bicycle Frames
Bicycle Frames

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It is tough to argue against the fact that bicycle frames make the bicycle. When buying a new bicycle it is important to ensure that you stay focused at finding the right size. This is necessary to ensure that cycling on the bike does not characterized by pain and discomfort. Make sure that you take the opportunity to either get measured at the bike shop or get on different bikes to get the perfect size.

Bicycles usually last for an extended period, and within this period, it is common to replace different parts including bicycle wheels, chains, tires and tubes; bicycle frames however remain unchanged due to their vital nature and high quality build. When assembling your own bike, make sure that you buy the strongest bike frame you can afford.


Different materials are used in the construction of bike frames. The nature of material used directly influences most of the properties of the bike frame including its cost. Different bike frames may appear similar in design but they could be different in terms of price.

The table below lists some of the different materials used in bicycle frame construction as well as their main properties.

Material Cost Benefits Criticism
Steel Low Heavy, strong and absorbs vibrations well The weight is a problem Heavy, strong and absorbs vibrations well The weight is a problem
Aluminum Medium Stiff and responsive Rides very stiff
Titanium High Strong, light and very durable Is expensive
Scandium Hige Light and quite strong Rides stiff
Carbon Fiber High Very light and absorbs vibrations well due to the porous nature Expensive to buy

Although it is always recommended that you buy the strongest bike frame for durability and value; it is best to always to choose the frame that is within your budget and is from a reputable bike maker.

Did you know…?

Bicycle Frames

Did you know that manufacturers measure bike sizes differently?

Different manufacturers use different systems to measure the bike size. The size can be measured using the length of the seat tube from the crank to the top of the seat tube where the seat post is inserted. Other manufacturers measure from the crank to the intersection of the seat tube with the top tube.

It is recommended that you consult a specialized bicycle store salesman to get the right measurements.

Bicycle Frames Parts

When it comes to buying a new bicycle make sure that you have the necessary knowledge in relation to parts of a bicycle.

Another important factor to remember is whether there is any variation in the design and parts of bicycle frames in a bid to identify each according to its intended application. Most road bikes, mountain bikes, cyclo-cross bikes and fixed gear varieties have a relatively similar bike frame design.

However due to the demanding terrain they are used in, mountain bikes normally have different bike frame designs. Customers in this segment will have a wider variety of shapes to choose from. Getting some additional knowledge on mountain bike shocks will also help you make a better choice as some frames integrate them in their design.

How to Choose a Road Bike Frame

Choosing a fitting bicycle frame is vital when shopping for a new bike. If you are planning on enjoying your cycling experience you will appreciate a good fit.

It is easier to choose the right frame for a road bike as they tend to be relatively similar in terms of design and parts. Mountain bikes however tend to be complicated as there is a wide variety available.

The bicycle chart below is a great resource if you have no idea of the best fit.

Height Inseam (inches) Bicycle Frame Size (cm)
6’2” -6’5” 34-36 62-64
6’0” – 6’3” 32-34 60-62
5’10” – 6’1” 31-33 58-60
5’8” – 5’11” 30-32 56-58
5’6” – 5’9” 29-31 54-56
5’4” – 5’7” 28-30 52-54
5’2” – 5’5” 27-29 50-52

Finding the right fit can be quite a science but, there are simpler rules to follow in identifying the right size. Generally, your inseam should be used to establish the size if the bike, while the length of your arms should be used to determine the length of the top tube on the frame.

  • Weight distribution should be 60% and 40% on the rear and front wheels respectively.
  • When the arms are reaching out to the brake hoods, there should have a small bend.
  • Monitor your fit with time as it can change with time.
  • When your leg is on the lowest point on the pedal revolution there should be a slight bend.

Seeking help from a well-informed salesman will help you make an even more informed purchase.

Mountain Bike Frames

Although you can follow the general principles in choosing the right bicycle frame; the table below offers a better guide.

Height Inseam (inches) Bicycle Frame Size (inches)
5’3” – 5’7” 27-29 15-17
5’7” – 5’11” 29-31 17-19
5’11” – 6’2” 31-33 19-21
6’2” – 6’4” 33-35 21-23

Where to Buy Bicycle Frames?

If you are interested in buying bicycle frames you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Buying Bicycle Frames on eBay

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