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Bicycle Gears
Bicycle Gears
Bicycle Gears

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Cycling is a fun outdoor activity and the fact that there are extensive roads and landscapes to cover every chance you get is only made possible by the availability of bicycle gears. When riding on a bicycle equipped with a variety of gears you can be able to push your bicycle to higher speeds on flat road surfaces or get you uphill easily and with less effort when using lower gears. With lower gears you will be able to achieve higher cadence with less pedaling force and keep your knees from feeling fatigued.

Description of a Bicycle Gear

Bicycle gears are also referred to a as gear cassettes and chain rings. These depend on where they are fitted on the bicycle frame.

All About Bike Gear Operation…

Bicycle Gears

Efficiently using the bicycle gear is not only recommended for preservation of the chain set but also help create a better riding experience.

Gear shifting basics include low gears for climbing, high gears for riding downhill and middle gears for regular mixed terrain.

Chain rings are usually attached to the right hand pedal arm and provide the main transfer from the riders cycling power to the bicycle chain.

The chain then transfers the force to the rear wheel mounted gear cassette. Chain rings vary from one to three while gear cassettes usually have a number of gears.

The gears are used to vary the ratio of the cyclist’s speed cadence transferred to the bicycle wheels. Higher gears result into higher speeds as the cadence is transferred at a higher ratio. Lower gears are mainly used to make cycling easier and cadence is transferred at a lower ratio.

The Ideal Cycling Gear

To switch gears the front chain rings need to be paired with gears in the rear gear cassette. When looking at the ideal gear ratio, it is important to note that there is a major difference in the best gear for different situations. Some people will prefer cycling at higher speeds using high gears while others prefer the ease of using lower gears. However, the main deciding factor here is the nature of the terrain you are riding on. It is recommended that you experiment with different gars in a bid to get comfortable and identify your most preferred option. This is the one that provides for simple bicycle riding.

What is the Best Number of Gears?

In most cases, you will find bicycle with a wide array of gears going up to and even over twenty. This means that when shopping for your bicycle you will have a wide variety to choose from. As a rule of thumb, more gears do not translate to a better riding experience. It can even result in unnecessary wear on the bicycle chain due to wrong gear combinations. The best guide to follow when choosing bicycle gears is to consider your riding terrain. For city commuting or bikes used on mainly flat surfaces, it is best to get a few gears on the rear cassette and a single chain ring on the front chain rings. However, for mountain biking purposes, a wide variety of bicycle gears is better suited.

Bicycle Gears for Road Bikes

Road bikes are designed to tackle a relatively flat riding surface. This means that there is no reason for the widest bicycle gears. The front chain rings are usually two in number while the rear cassette has a fewer number of gears as compared to mountain bikes. It is still however possible to find road racing bikes equipped with three gears on the chain ring for better performance on varied terrain road surfaces. Today most road racing bikes have the gear levers integrated on the bike brake levers as opposed to past designs where they would be fitted on the down tube. This adjustment has been made for safety purposes.

Mountain Bike Gears

Mountain bikes are simply designed to tackle the widest terrain. This translates to a wide variety of gears. Some mountain bikes have as many as 27 gears, all designed to tackle different types of terrain. It is however important to note that because mountain bikes are designed for tough terrain, there tends to be a lower selection of higher gears. Riding on a flat surface can be a bit too easy. This is the case whenever I am on my Santa Cruz Superlight mountain bike riding around the city. But when it comes to riding uphill in the back trails, it performs like a beauty.

Gears and the Bicycle Chain

To preserve the life of your bike chain, avoid setting the gears to the following combinations.

  • The smallest chain ring to the smallest gear on the rear cassette
  • The Largest chain ring to the largest gear on the rear cassette

These two combinations cause the chain to stretch and slip on the gears constantly wearing out the teeth on the gears as well. Remember this to get extended service from your bicycle gears and chain.

Where to Buy Bicycle Gears?

If you are interested in buying bicycle gears you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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