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Once you have a bicycle you can choose to replace the bicycle inner tubes the bike came with or choose to replace them when the original ones are worn out beyond repair. Inner tubes are simply a variation of inflatable balloons used to give the tire shape when filled with air. It is recommended that you fill bicycle inner tubes with the stated pressure level for the safest and fastest riding experience. Below we will delve a little deeper in the basic knowledge you should have in mind when shopping for bicycle inner tubes.

Valves: Presta or Shaeder

When it comes to buying bicycle inner tubes the type of valve is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. There are two types of inner tubes, Presta and Shraeder, their main difference lies in the shape and size.

Tip: Latex inner tubes require regular pumps to maintain tire pressure

Bicycle Inner Tubes

Latex inner tubes are an alternative to the standard butyl inner tubes. These are more flexible and lighter providing better shock absorption when riding. They however, let air through their walls easier and can lose their pressure over time.

Different bicycle rims usually have different sized valve holes and it is important to ensure you get the right valve for the right fit on your bicycle rims.

Presta valves are the traditional valve for bicycle inner tubes. These pumps can be pumped full of air easily using bicycle mini pumps.

Shraeder valves on the other hand are the common design for car tires. They are therefore easier to pump using the pumps at gas stations.

Bicycle valves rarely influence the ride performance on your bicycle; however it is important to remember that a lot of care should be taken in choosing the right valve that will fit in the hole drilled in the rim. A Presta valve adapter can be used to adapt presta valves with regular bike pumps or at the fuel station.

Presta Valve
Schrader Valve

Self-Sealing Bicycle Tubes

Self-sealing bicycle inner tubes usually seal all punctures that are a maximum of three to four millimeters in diameter. Anything wider than that and you will need to seal the tube manually. These tubes are best suited to mountain biking bicycles as you get to continue with your ride even after you get a puncture without stopping to deal with it i the middle of nowhere. Regular inner tubes are great for commuter bikes as the riding conditions are not as demanding. They are cheaper and lighter as compared to the self-healing variety. However, if you still want the benefits of the self-sealing tubes then you can buy them for you city bike.

Where to Buy Bicycle Inner Tubes?

If you are interested in buying bicycle inner tubes you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

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Self Healing Inner Tubes on eBay

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