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Bicycle Seat Post
Bicycle Seat Post
Bicycle Seat Post

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The bicycle seat post is the tube that extends upward from the bicycle frame to hold up the bicycle seat. You might think that this function is quite simple and any tube that fits will do but this is not the case.

This page brings together the necessary information you should have in mind when it comes to shopping for the right seat tube especially given the wide variety and price range are going to encounter.

All About Bicycle Seat Post

Seat posts are usually held in place by clamps on the seat rails on expensive bikes, on cheaper ones the clamps usually slide into a separate clamp. In both designs, the height of the seat post can be adjusted to accommodate the rider’s height.

Types of Seat Posts

  • Plain Seat posts: these are made up of a simple tube that has a clamp at the top end to hold the saddle. The Easton EC70 Zero Seatpost is one of the great products in this category.

  • Tip: Buy a seat post made of the right material

    Bicycle Seat Post

    Seat posts are made of a variety of materials today including steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium among others. Each has its best suited application. For instance aluminum is inexpensive and rust resistant making it great for road bikes.

    Titanium is light and strong as well as resistant to minor dents hence suited to mountain bikes due to the rough riding terrain.

  • Integrated Seat posts: as the name suggests these seat posts are integrated into the bike frame. These designs are only available for high end models. Since they are attached to the frame they are not adjustable and hence suit only on single size of riders.
  • Pivotal Seat Posts: these make use of ridges at the saddle attachment point matched by others on the saddle. These offer a tight but flexible mechanism. They are commonly used on BMX bikes. Here are some quality pivotal seatposts.
  • Suspension Seat Post: these provide a more comfortable ride by integrating a spring or alternative suspension mechanism in their build. The Magura Vyron Elect Wireless Dropper Seatpost is a great example to consider here.
  • Seatmast and Cap: This arrangement relies on a mast used as an attachment to the post with the cap sliding it into place and attaching the seat.

It is also important to note that the type of saddle you choose also determines the type of seat post to use. We have a complete guide on bicycle saddles in a dedicated page.

How to Determine the Best Size?

For most seat post designs available the seat post diameter is the same. This means they can use standardized parts such as clamps. However for top of the range performance different high strength materials are used making the seat post thinner and thence the thickness of the tube diminishes. High performance bicycles use high quality seat posts with a diameter of about 27.2 mm. however mountain bikes can use even larger seat posts going up to 27.4mm for a stronger structure.

Bicycle Seat Post Problems

If you have been riding bicycles for a while you will attests to slipping seat posts on some bicycles when riding especially on rough terrain. This is usually caused by two main reasons:

  • The first one is the use of an unsuitable clamp to hold the seat post onto the bike frame. This clamp can be smaller or weaker than the riding conditions demand. The Surly Constrictor Seat Post Clamp is ideal in such situations.
  • The other reason is usually due to manufacturing defects. The seat post tube can be thinner than it should be and hence attach to the clamp and bike frame loosely causing it to slip.

How to Remove a Seat Post

Installing the seat posts should be done as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The use of grease is discouraged as it attracts dirt and dust, while using a hammer to force the seat post into the bike frame is damaging at least. This is especially the case when it comes to installing carbon fiber seat posts. To remove the seat post:

  • Pull on the saddle and not tools like a pipe wrench.
  • Employ the use of a bicycle work stand if the task seems challenging.
  • Pull it out upwards without twisting.
  • Make sure the bolts and clamps are first removed completely.

Buy Bicycle Seat Posts Online

If you are interested in buying a bicycle seat post you are invited to visit these trusted online stores:

Bicycle Seat Post
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Buying a Bicycle Seat Post on eBay

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